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App BuildingBuild Enterprise Mobile Applications

Point-and-click app editor Non-technical or business users can easily customize data fields, create forms and deploy apps to mobile users without coding, using a web-based app editor.
Flexible to adapt to your business Quickly create apps today and modify them in the future. Flowfinity provides flexible app-building features to mobilize your current business processes and workflows.
Cross-platform Design once, deploy anywhere. Once your apps are created, they can be immediately accessed on iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone 8 devices without any customization for different platforms.

DeploymentEnterprise Mobile Application Deployment

Over-the-air app deployment and updates Create new apps or modify your existing apps as your business requirements change, and deploy them over the air to your users.
Push-based synchronization Keep users up-to-date with intelligent data synchronization, which only updates changed or new records.
Role-based deployment Deploy apps to different employees on a role or user basis.

User ExperienceUse Enterprise Mobile Applications

Offline capability Flowfinity offers extensive offline functionality including offline lookups and data capture.
Role-based permissions Set up role-based permissions to control user access to data, apps, or forms.
Intuitive design Flowfinity has an intuitive interface that lets users get up and running quickly with minimal training.
Mobile Client or Desktop/Laptop Access Access the same app seamlessly on a mobile device or from a desktop computer or laptop.

Integration and SupportMobile App Integration

Centralized data storage and support Flowfinity provides a central database for apps and related data, which can be integrated with other back-end systems.
Reporting Use standard interfaces for building reports with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services or other reporting products.
Active Directory User authentication can be integrated with your existing active directory.


Transform your business with mobile apps.