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Enterprise Mobile Apps

Flowfinity software lets you build custom mobile forms and enterprise mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, without programming. Flowfinity will provide you the quickest path to streamlining and automating your business processes on cross-platform devices, while remaining nimble enough to switch business requirements or mobile devices in the future.

At Flowfinity, we have a proven track record of long-term use by top global brands. Leading companies across industries use Flowfinity software for mobile data collection, work orders, project management, mobile forms, asset management, retail execution, field service management, and many other business processes.


mobile forms survey Point-and-Click App Creation

Eliminate costly development by designing your mobile app with a point-and-click editor that puts the business user in the driver's seat. With Flowfinity, you don’t need technical or programming skills to build your own apps.

Create your app in minutes by defining workflows, forms, fields, and pages to reflect your specific business processes. As your requirements evolve, you can easily make changes or additions to your apps without any complex or expensive IT processes. Flowfinity gives you the flexibility to deploy as many apps and forms as needed without any additional costs.



Enterprise Mobile Applications Integration Flexible Integration

Flowfinity makes it both easy and cost effective to integrate your mobile apps with existing databases, data warehouses, applications, and reporting systems. Use mobile devices, desktop computers, or a web portal to record or access data from a central repository.

Set up integrated reporting with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services for better, more timely insight into operations. For a standalone solution, Flowfinity can be set up and run independently on your own in-house server, or choose Flowfinity hosting services to host and manage the entire solution for you, so that you can reduce IT overhead and get up and running faster.



Mobile Forms Quick Deployment

Design your app once and deploy it to corporate or employee-owned iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows devices. With Flowfinity, you don’t have to customize your app for each mobile device platform, which means that your software investment is protected as device popularity shifts.

Quick, over-the-air deployment means that mobile teams can start using the apps as soon as they’re built or updated, and you have the flexibility to make changes as needed. As apps are modified, immediate updates can be sent to users through permission-based push updates.



Mobile Forms Work Orders Intuitive User Experience

Get more productive, instantly. Flowfinity mobile apps let users save hours of valuable time by eliminating paperwork and data entry. Apps configured with Flowfinity software work offline, so that your team can continue working even when out of the coverage area.

Every app you build and the data associated with it is fully accessible from a desktop or laptop as well as from mobile devices, allowing management to assign work, track progress, or update forms and workflows from the office. And users in the field will appreciate a simple UI that leverages device functionality like GPS and camera, and streamlines even the most complex tasks.