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Flowfinity Features

Flowfinity ActionsTeam Edition Flowfinity ActionsEnterprise Edition
General Features
Cross-platform native device support for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 devices
Offline app and form operation
Browser access from desktops, laptops and mobile devices
Support for unlimited number of forms, apps and submissions
Customizable portal with shortcuts to views and activities
Secure access through HTTPS and TLS encryption
On-device navigation between app pages
Data Capture
33 standard field types
Picture capture using device camera
Picture annotation and sketch capability
GPS location recording and mapping integration
Signature capture field
On-device calculations using formula fields, online or offline
Nested form, list and grid fields for master-detail data structures
Validation checks and error messages
"Save as Draft" online or offline
Two-Way Data Access
Offline lookups between apps to access or copy data
Location-based lookup of records by proximity to current GPS location
Attachment field
Viewing of PDF, Microsoft Office documents¹
Customizable photo thumbnail views for quick access to records
Task assignment/dispatch capability
Unlimited custom workflow states eg. Approved, Invoiced, Pending, Dispatched, Submitted, etc.
Custom rules and validation for transitioning from state to state
Customizable email notifications
Conditional field visibility or skip logic
App Creation and Maintenance
Web based point-and-click app editor
Automatic generation of database structures based on app design
Instant, over-the-air app updates to users
Incremental app publishing for development and testing
Revision control and change history for app updates
Data Connections
Batch import/export automation
CSV file import/export
Integration with external systems using Web Services
Compatible with common database reporting and data transfer tools
Reverse Proxy for secure corporate network connection through DMZ
Teams and Users
Role-based permissions for data access and activity management
Customizable mobile form layouts for different users and tasks
Integration with existing Active Directory for user authentication
Creation of custom user roles and permissions
Flexible permission management to isolate mobile forms, apps and users through "Sites"
Authorization of ‘departmental’ Administrators with limited permissions
Task assignment for specific departments or branches
Separate "helpdesk" role for user account management
Custom branding of apps using color schemes, logos
Support for custom icons for views, activities and workflow states

¹ Subject to availability of viewers on devices


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