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Heinz Automates Retail Audits for Improved Retail Insight

Heinz logo Region: Americas
Company Size: Large Enterprise
Sector: Consumer Packaged Goods, Food and Beverage
Function: Retail Performance Management

"It was relatively simple to match up everything the retail business managers did with a paper audit to an electronic format using Flowfinity Actions. And when we added the reporting component so we could utilize the data collected from the audits, we knew we had something great."
-Eric Ginsburg, Foodservice Sales Information Manager, H.J. Heinz

Retail Execution Case Study H.J. Heinz



H.J. Heinz audits retail stores to monitor the distribution, placement, and display of their products. Previously, Heinz used paper forms to conduct retail audits, which required auditors to spend time typing the results of those audits into spreadsheets at the end of the day. The data would then have to be collated and analyzed by head office, which caused considerable lag time between completing a store audit and reporting the findings to sales executives.


Heinz selected Flowfinity Actions seven years ago to replace their paper-based system for performing retail audits with an electronic system implemented on smartphones. Since its deployment, this solution has enabled auditors in the field to record their observations directly on their smartphones, with or without cell phone coverage, and submit the results as soon as the audit is complete. Automated reporting eliminates the need for head office to manually collate the data, enabling management to pull both detail and summary reports on demand.

Today, Heinz continues to use Flowfinity Actions, the CPG industry standard solution for retail audits, and has extended its use of the software to gain even more visibility into retail operations.


  • More audits performed with better data collection
  • Deeper insight into retail conditions
  • Faster access to detailed analytical reports
  • Improved broker management through actionable information
  • Improved ability to monitor success of special events and campaigns
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Now, I get an accurate picture of exactly how our products are presented to customers so we can do a trend analysis over time. Decision-making flows much easier up the ladder because I can present the numbers that will get peoples' attention. Ultimately that means we can influence consumers in a much deeper and richer way.

Ed Bollinger

Director of Retail Operations

H.J. Heinz

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