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Hosting Infrastructure

Data centers

Flowfinity operates two data centers in Canada, with a primary data center in Toronto, ON and a backup data center in Vancouver, BC. Both data centers are operated in Canada’s premier telecom hub buildings with diverse fiber connectivity paths, on-site backup power generation and physical security. The distance of over 2000 miles between the two data centers is ideal for disaster recovery purposes. Flowfinity directly owns and operates 100% of the servers processing data and 100% of the storage systems, which keeps our cloud intrastructure within a single legal jurisdiction.


Flowfinity uses enterprise-grade servers from Dell. All of our storage is based on enterprise-grade SAS drives in redundant configurations.


To provide enterprise-level service quality, Flowfinity operates its own fully redundant network including fully redundant network adapters in each of our servers. We partner with the best transit providers in the industry, and peer selectively with other networks such as Hurricane Electric, Google, and Microsoft.

Flowfinity redundant network

Network diagram for the primary data center in Toronto, ON

The Flowfinity network is fully IPv6-enabled. All the network connections have minimum of 1Gbps link capacity. The network in both data centers is powered by Juniper MX routers coupled with Juniper firewall clusters. Connectivity between the two data centers is ensured with multiple fully redundant secure paths.

The Flowfinity network number is AS30539.


Flowfinity's support is amongst the best. I'm always amazed by the quick replies I get, despite the time of day or night.

Phil Russell

IT Manager

Nechako Northcoast

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