Geotagging Mobile Apps

Know the "where" of your business

Mobile devices equipped with GPS offer a unique opportunity to improve visibility and insight into your business by measuring where and when events occur. Better monitoring of employee performance, better tracking and tighter scheduling of deployed assets, and better reporting of location-specific events through time and location stamping can help you get the most out of your resources and improve your bottom line.

Geotagging can be used for events such as:Flowfinity Actions Geotagging Apps

  • Incident reporting
  • Work location validation
  • Asset tracking

With Flowfinity, you can deploy robust applications, without programming, that take advantage of geotagging on tablets and smartphones. Here are just a few use cases.

Automatic timesheet integration

With Flowfinity, field staff no longer need to fill in manual timesheets at the end of the day or week to record the work they performed. A few simple entries on a tablet or smartphone allow them to immediately submit accurate billing, time and location information with GPS validation. Pre-formatted, readily available information gives management deeper insight into field operations, improves transparency for key stakeholders, and improves accountability for staff.

Centralized dispatch with automated tracking

Companies in construction, utilities, and other field services organizations with mobile or remotely deployed assets can leverage Flowfinity for scheduling and dispatch with up-to-the-minute, accurate snapshots of the situation in the field. This allows scheduling to be handled more effectively from a central location, greatly reducing the overhead needed to manage resources in the field.

Inventory location

Flowfinity lets businesses stay on top of distributed or remote assets with mobile record updates. A centralized database accessed from the web or users’ mobile devices lets employees get the information they need when and where they need it. Records of new inventory items or changes in the location of existing items can be easily and quickly created or modified and made available to everyone’s smartphones and tablets.

Incident Reporting

Improve the accuracy of incident reporting with the exact time and location where the incident occurred. Forms such as safety reports can be configured with date/time and GPS stamps for accuracy, and deployed through push-based updates to users in the field. This can help companies stay compliant with safety standards and minimize the administrative overhead needed to locate, update, transcribe, and verify records.

Location-Based Search

Quick look-up of records such as customers, suppliers, store addresses or assets can greatly improve the productivity of teams in the field. With Flowfinity, records can be pre-loaded into a central database then using location-based search, mobile users can quickly find the nearest asset, customer, or store within seconds based on their current GPS location.

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