15 Best Practices: Success with Field Service Software

May 12, 2016


Mobile Apps for Field Service

Businesses across various industries face common challenges when dealing with their field service teams. Being successful at tracking, managing, and recording all activities in the field means higher efficiency, ultimately improving the bottom line.

After multiple conversations with our customers, we’ve identified focus areas for successfully achieving ROI with a mobile field service management solution.

Here are 15 best practices every field service team should follow:

1. Increase data capture efficiency in the field

Leverage mobile forms for work orders, time sheets, materials use, etc. that are completed as the work happens. Opt for from pre-filled options in drop-down menus or checkboxes for quick decision-making.

2. Eliminate data re-entry in the office

Manually re-keying in data back in the office can be painful and time-consuming. Instantly enter data from the field into your system and reduce further administrative work.

3. Dispatch work orders promptly

Stay efficient and get rid of time-consuming phone calls by dispatching work orders electronically.

4. Boost reliability and audit-ability

Create an audit trail including GPS/time stamps, pictures, and digital signatures collected as jobs are performed, and prevent disputes with customers.

5. Allow quick access to instructions and safety records

Distribute important up-to-date documents while in the field through a mobile document management system.

6. Track work progress in all phases

Use workflow software with notifications to alert the customer and head office when work has begun and when it is completed.

7. Increase employee accountability

Keep better track of every service item and material used, and improve employee accountability with defined, measurable workflows and processes.

8. Prevent conflicting spreadsheets

Prevent confusion by tracking work and communications in a single, centralized software system that can be accessed from the web or mobile devices anywhere.

9. Create more reliable estimates

Provide faster, more accurate estimates of time and materials used on each job with easy access to materials costs, labor costs, and past jobs.

10. Better cash flow management

Complete invoices immediately with mobile software as soon as jobs are complete. Review the invoices in the field and send them automatically to customers.

11. Prioritize inventory management

Make your inventory database readily available to staff in the field from their mobile devices. Update parts used in the field instantly for accurate, real-time inventory management.

12. Maximize service calls through productivity

Reduce administrative tasks surrounding each service call to allow more calls to be closed every day, resulting in higher revenue.

13. Prepare technicians to sell

Your field technicians are already in front of the customer. Give them mobile access to corporate information like customer history and additional service packages to upsell.

14. Keep customers in the loop at all times

Deliver better customer service by providing web or mobile access to a self-serve portal where they customers can track past service tickets, current status, scheduled jobs, etc.

15. Ensure data accuracy

Set up data validation and error messages to avoid questionable data and re-work.

Flowfinity can help keep your team efficient from the field to the office. To learn more about how we can enhance your business with innovative mobile solutions, start your free 30-day trial today.

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