There are a variety of use cases where automation through software robots is desirable. We will explore three common ones:
1 Creating a task to copy data between applications
2 Using an escalation to flag and notify when a record status becomes overdue
3 Performing time calculations for compensation and billing purposes

For tasks and escalations to execute a robot user must be assigned to the app where the automation will be triggered. Robots require a user license.

1. Copy Data Between Apps

Accelerate your workflows with automations in Flowfinity without code. Configure a software robot to perform the task of copying information between two separate apps.

2. Escalate Record Status

Automate the escalation of records based on elapsed time to ensure compliance, in this example we will demonstrate how to configure a software robot to send overdue invoices.

3. Perform a Time Calculation

Record and calculate the duration a field technician spends on an assigned work order and transfer that information to a separate tracking app using an automated task.