Create PDF documents

In Flowfinity, you can automatically generate a PDF document from any form layout with one click or touch on a mobile device. You can also include a PDF of a form as an attachment in an automated email notification.

Customize Layouts

  1. Select the appropriate Site from the top right drop-down menu. If you are working within a free 14-day trial system, ensure that the App Editor Site is selected.
  2. Click on the 'Configure' tab
  3. In the 'Apps' section, create a new app or customize an existing one
    Flowfinity - Create PDF documents
  4. In the Form Section, click Layouts
    Flowfinity - Create PDF documents
  5. Click on the layout that will be used to generate a PDF document and select 'Edit layout' from the menu
    Flowfinity - Create PDF documents
  6. Configure the page header, image banner, color scheme, and footer, then click 'Save'
    Flowfinity - Create PDF documents

Save as PDF

  1. To allow automatic PDF generation for viewing and saving, select Operations from the top menu and click the 'Add operation' button
    Flowfinity - Create PDF documents
  2. Select 'Save As PDF' from the Type dropdown in Operation settings, and select the appropriate layout
    Flowfinity - Create PDF documents

    Note: The operation will be available on mobile devices and on the web.
    Flowfinity - Create PDF documents

Send PDF Documents by Email

  1. To send one or more PDF documents in an automated email, visit the Notifications section from the top menu and click the 'Add notification' button
  2. In the message configuration section, click on the 'PDF Attachments' tab
    Flowfinity - Create PDF documents
  3. Select the layouts that should be included as PDF attachments in the email notification
  4. Save the notification
  5. Click on 'Operations' in the top menu, and edit the operation that will send the email from steps 9-12
  6. In the 'Trigger notifications' section, select the email notification to send when the operation is complete
    Flowfinity - Create PDF documents
  7. Publish the application