Display my company logo on the portal

In Flowfinity Actions Enterprise Edition, additional branding options such as displaying your company logo are available. Each Site in Flowfinity can have a unique logo, for example for different departments or areas.

You will have to create three different versions of your logo. One file will be used on the web interface, and two on the mobile device interface depending on the screen resolution of the device.

For best results, PNG files with transparent backgrounds are recommended.


A user with access to applications on several different sites logs in, and sees the company or department logo.


  1. Click on the Configure tab
  2. Select the Site for which you would like to specify a custom logo
    Flowfinity - Display my company logo on the portal
  3. Click on the 'Edit' link beside the site selection box
  4. Click on the 'Site Web Banner' tab
  5. Click on the 'Browse…' button, select the file to be displayed on the web-banner
    Flowfinity - Display my company logo on the portal
  6. Click on the 'Site Smartphone Banners' tab
  7. Use the two 'Browse…' buttons to select and upload the appropriate images
  8. Click on the 'Update' button.