Consumer Goods

Kellogg's - Field Sales Performance


Leveraged Flowfinity to measure and manage the performance of its US field sales team, capture in-store retail conditions, and improve retail execution to optimize sales.

McCormick - Retail Execution


Replaced paper forms with a mobile retail audit solution to standardize audits nationwide, streamline reporting, and improve broker management and retail execution.

Constellation Brands - Field Sales Operations

Constellation Brands

Streamlined national retail and on-premises survey activity at up to 500,000 locations in the US to optimize field sales. Empowered local teams with a tool for building custom mobile surveys.

Heinz - Retail Audits


Implemented retail audits across the US with integrated reporting to improve retail execution and planning, increase retail survey activity, and gain actionable insights at retail.

Anheuser-Busch - Sales Operations


Replaced paper forms with mobile store surveys across the US to improve retail execution and increase sales.

Bacardi - National Surveys


Replaced outsourced survey data collection at retail with a Flowfinity solution for retail audits, reducing national survey costs by 75%.

Food Marketing - Retail Execution Management

Food Marketing Inc.

Food brokerage used mobile retail audits to improve customer service and employee accountability, reduce mileage costs 50-60% and payroll costs 20%.

American Beverage Marketers - Retail Audits

American Beverage Marketers

Replaced excel spreadsheets with mobile retail audits and surveys to optimize promotion pricing, capture product usage, and improve customer service.

John Mills Limited - Retail Performance Management

JML (John Mills Limited)

Leveraged custom mobile apps to efficiently gather in-store data, increase store visits by 30%, and improve retail execution insight.

Field Service

City of Cincinnati - Field Service Management

City of Cincinnati

Wastewater Collection Division configured custom workflow apps for field service technicians, saving $150,000 in hardware costs and improving productivity by 30%. Integrates with ArcGIS.

Dataco - Work Order Management

Dataco Utility Services

Replaced a manual system with mobile dispatch and work orders, reducing administrative costs by 50% and reporting errors by 30%.

Hank's Plumbing - Work Order Management

Hank's Plumbing & Gasfitting Ltd.

Replaced a manual paper system for dispatch, invoicing, inventory, and work orders. Improved productivity, increased revenue 25%.

RTS Associates - Field Data Collection

Regional Telecom Services

Configured Flowfinity apps for field data collection of telecom equipment inspections, eliminating spreadsheets and data re-entry, and saving 30% in labor costs.

Cinematronix - Work Order Management


Implemented a mobile solution to manage field service activities in real-time, report on time and materials, and integrate with existing payroll and billing systems.

CML Properties - Property Management

CML Properties

Replaced paper with mobile job reports and timesheets for managing property maintenance. Improved customer service, reduced reporting time from 1.5 days to half an hour.

Advance Security - Security Guard Management

Advance Security

Implemented a mobile workforce management solution that integrates with existing backend systems for managing security guards, saving 180 management hours per week.

Industrial Water Services - Work Order Management

Industrial Water Services

Automated critical business processes with a Flowfinity mobile field service solution. Replaced paper forms in the field and streamlined scheduling and reporting.

Ascension Water Treatment - Field Service Management

Ascension Wastewater Treatment

Replaced its existing field service management software for a custom mobile solution from Flowfinity, improving productivity and visibility into field technicians' activities.

Second Harvest - Food Rescue Services

Second Harvest

Non-profit agency optimized food rescue efforts with a mobile data collection solution for tracking pickups and deliveries of food that would otherwise go to waste.

City Harvest - Food Rescue Services

City Harvest London

Optimized food rescue services by managing all donated food pickups and deliveries with mobile apps. Doubled deliveries to 150 charities that feed the hungry.

San Diego Zoo Global - Field Data Collection

San Diego Zoo Global

Increased efficiency of field data collection and reporting for tracking reproductive habits of endangered and threatened bird species in California. Improved customer service and data accuracy.

AM Railroad - Safety Inspections

Arkansas & Missouri Railroad

Built a custom mobile solution to streamline safety training management. Doubled efficiency testing, improved FRA compliance, and reduced injuries to zero.

Mento Mobile - Field Service Management

Metro Mobile Electronics

Created interactive dashboards and custom business apps without code. Streamlined GPS installations, improved field data accuracy, and reported to customers in real-time.

Managed Service Providers

Peacekeeper Enterprises - Business Process Management Solutions

Peacekeeper Enterprises

Developed over 300 end-to-end workflow solutions for customers with point-and-click. Doubled business application output and reduced deployment time.

Latitude Digital - Business Process Applications

Latitude Digital

Rapidly developed custom apps for clients, without code. Helped Ford Motor Company & Lincoln Motor Company streamline data collection at auto show events across the US.

Maul Foster - Field Data Collection

Maul Foster & Alongi

Streamlined complex field data collection processes to improve field efficiency. Integrated with GIS maps for automatic data synchronization. Data review sped up from days to minutes.

Engineering, Construction

Englobe - Building Inspection


Streamlined national building inspections with a custom mobile solution built and deployed within one week. Saved three full-time administrative roles for retyping data and creating reports by fully automating the process end-to-end.

Lafrentz - Field Service Management


Replaced paper job reports with mobile apps for road maintenance crews to reduce errors, keep projects on budget, reduce administrative costs and improve customer service.

Centra Windows - Work Order Management

Centra Windows

Automated job costing, dispatch and scheduling for windows manufacturing and installations. Reduced management and job costs and increased efficiency.

Grayson Homes - Field Service Management

Grayson Homes

Implemented mobile inspections for quality control of homebuilding projects, streamlining contractor communications, boosting efficiency and improving competitive position.

Nechako - Field Service Management

Nechako Northcoast

Road maintenance company leveraged Flowfinity to log calls, dispatch jobs, and complete job reports to improve management visibility, job tracking and accountability to stakeholders for services provided.

Hemmera - Field Data Collection


Streamlined field data collection and analysis for environmental consultancy projects to increase productivity and customer service levels. Integrated with ArcGIS and other backend systems.

KBA Engineering - Field Service Management

KBA Engineering

Implemented a mobile BPM solution to automate over 50 business processes. Eliminated workflow efficiencies and improved field visibility.

Level It - Workflow Automation Software

Level-It Installations

Implemented custom business applications for collecting field data faster and tracking construction jobs on smartphones. Improved head office efficiency by 50%.

Insurance, Finance

Marshall and Stevens - Field Data Capture for Large Scale Appraisals

Marshall & Stevens

Implemented a mobile data collection solution for large-scale appraisals that integrates with backend systems for valuation, reducing project data collection timelines by 60%.

Thornton & Partners - Insurance Claims Adjusting

Thornton & Partners

Replaced paper with a mobile workflow solution for insurance adjusters in the field, improving customer service and data quality, and doubling compliance rates.

Freedom Health - Insurance Mobile Apps

Freedom Health

Delivered a flexible mobile solution for health insurance field sales teams to process over 20,000 applications annually. Reduced IT costs and improved customer service.

Business, Sales, Events

Ford - Mobile Data Collection


Replaced Word documents with mobile survey forms for auto shows nationwide to track event performance, collect competitive information and improve planning.

Sales Partnerships Inc. - Customers Management

Sales Partnerships Inc.

Built mobile business applications with real-time database access to increase visibility into field operations. Scaled business rapidly to over 100 markets in the US.

Bell - Event Management


Coordinated event staff for hundreds of events during the Winter Olympics. Provided event information on mobile devices from attendees, locations, hosts, employees and more.

Studio Cloud 30 - Customers Management

Studio Cloud 30

Leveraged Flowfinity for small business management to streamline invoicing, client management, tracking contractor hours and scheduling changes.

Agriculture, Farm

Industrial Ventilation Inc. - Inventory Management for Agriculture Services

Industrial Ventilation Inc.

Replaced paper forms with mobile apps for managing agriculture services provided by a dispersed team. Improved cash flow, reduced administrative tasks by 20%, and improved productivity in the field.

Veldale Farms - Agriculture Management

Veldale Farms

Improved farm services management with fully customizable mobile apps for managing all daily service activities including work orders, harvesting, spraying, pickups and deliveries, and more.

Hoober - Used Heavy Equipment Appraisals

Hoober Inc.

Replaced paper forms with mobile apps to streamline used equipment appraisals, sales processes, and field data collection.