Combine text fields

In Flowfinity, you can have users input data in separate fields, and automatically combine them in a single location that can be copied and pasted.


Users must enter address information for a customer. In order to ensure all components of an address are entered, they are entered into different fields. However, the process then requires the address to be available in a single field for input into another system.

Flowfinity - Combine Text Fields


  1. Customize the application
  2. In the Form section, create the necessary fields for the individual address components
    Flowfinity - Combine Text Fields
  3. Note the Field names for each of these fields as they will be used in a formula calculation in the next step
    Flowfinity - Combine Text Fields
  4. Create another field to contain the combined data (e.g., 'Full Address')
  5. Click on the 'Abc' icon to the right of the field type, and select 'Formula calculation'
  6. In the Formula box, enter the formula that describes how text should be combined in the field. Use single quotes to add text that should always be displayed, and field names to display the data that was entered into other fields in the form.
    Flowfinity - Combine Text Fields
  7. Save the form, and publish the application