Display dynamic field labels

Field labels are used to tell users what information should be entered in a field, or what information is in a field. The nature of information may change slightly depending on information that was entered by the user. You can configure field labels to change based on other data.


A user recording package dimensions may use different units to record the dimensions. Prior to taking measurements, the user selects the unit of measure to be used. After selecting the units, the user is reminded of the appropriate unit of measure by the calculated field label.

Flowfinity - Display Dynamic Field Labels


  1. Customize the application that will display the dynamic field labels
  2. In the Form section, create a field to allow the user to select their unit of measure
    Flowfinity - Display Dynamic Field Labels
    1. Copy the Field name so that you can paste later. In this example the Field name is 'UnitofMeasure'
  3. Click the Add button to add another field that will store the length of the package
    1. Click on the 'Abc' icon to the right of the field label, and change the selection to 'calculated label'
      Flowfinity - Display Dynamic Field Labels
    2. In the field label box, enter the following formula:
      Flowfinity - Display Dynamic Field Labels
  4. Save the form, and publish the application