What's New

At Flowfinity we are always enhancing our software to give you the most powerful tools for improving your business with enterprise mobile apps. Our latest product release is Flowfinity Actions 9.0, featuring tabular reports with totals, conditional color mapping of data, full Unicode support for languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, advanced formula editing and more.

Flowfinity PDF Generation and Layouts

Column Totals in Views

Create tabular reports. Automatically calculate column totals in Views on the web or mobile devices.

Flowfinity PDF Generation and Layouts

Color-coded Fields

Use colors to quickly scan your data. Set up conditional business rules for color-coding your records to flag status or any issues that require attention. Available for individual fields, records, and nested list/grid fields.

Flowfinity PDF Generation and Layouts

Photo Annotation

Use our advanced photo annotation editor to add text, shapes, and sketches in different colors and styles. You can also force a date/time stamp to be added automatically to any photo taken in the field.

Flowfinity PDF Generation and Layouts

Advanced Formula Editor

Write custom formulas even faster. We've enhanced our formula editor with auto complete, so that you can quickly scan through a list of existing fields and formulas available. Set up numeric calculations, custom logic, string calculations, and more.

Flowfinity PDF Generation and Layouts

Save Views and Layouts to PDF

You can now save any View or form layout in Flowfinity as a PDF document. Save records as PDF manually, or set up email notifications with automatically generated PDFs attached to send as soon as records are submitted.

Flowfinity App and Database Administration

App and Database Administration

Managing your apps and database size just got easier. For any app, you can now access database statistics and see a snapshot of your storage usage. We've also optimized storage to minimize the database size for apps that store a lot of pictures. For app updates, you can now control which Flowfinity software version your app should be compatible with, so you can upgrade when it best suits your needs.

New App Editor

The Flowfinity App Editor has been completely redesigned to make app building faster, easier, and more intuitive than ever. You can now design apps with fewer clicks, easily switch between layouts, and copy and paste fields between separate app pages. We've also increased the precision of scientific calculations on-device, so you can perform more complex calculations anywhere.

Revision Control for App Development

We've made it easier than ever to develop and maintain apps. Incremental app updates allow you to upload new changes to existing apps, review app publish history, and compare different versions of apps. For apps that are updated regularly, you can implement and test your app changes on a separate system and upload the revised app to production use with a just few clicks. Available in Flowfinity Actions Enterprise Edition.