Feature Highlights

App Editor Overview

Get an inside look at the Flowfinity App Editor, an agile web-based editor that lets you build sophisticated apps from scratch. No coding is required. Learn how to leverage states, permissions, operations, views, and more. Build complete solutions to automate any business process.

Email Notifications

In Flowfinity, email notifications can be created to easily communicate to your team, customers, and channel partners. You can send one or multiple automatic notifications for any step in the workflow. Add PDF attachments, images, and high importance flags to catch the recipient's attention. Leverage email-to-SMS gateways to send SMS alerts of critical events.

Offline Data Collection

Build mobile applications with offline mode so field staff can perform any task in their workflow, without data coverage. Easily access preloaded reference data, add or edit records, and save work that's already in progress directly on mobile devices - all offline.

Offline Data Management

Business application users need access to relevant data, such as customer, parts or price lists. For mobile users, it's important that the data is always available, even without network connectivity. In Flowfinity, you can effectively manage how data is synchronized to different users' devices at all times.

Nested Fields

Use nested fields in mobile forms to easily group related or repeating items together, such as parts lists, sales order items, or procedural check lists. Users can expand nested fields to quickly access multiple levels of data and sub-items, which is critical for offline use.

Deep Linking

Easily jump between multiple apps required for your business processes with deep linking. You can save time by going directly to the right place and content in another Flowfinity app or third-party app. Add deep links to email notifications to quickly start a task with one click.

Data Personalization

Protect valuable business information by only letting staff access the data they're supposed to work with. In Flowfinity, you can easily control access to business data, and how users interact with it. Learn how to map records to specific users or roles, manage role memberships, edit permissions, and more.


Consumer Goods - Retail Execution Management

Boost sales with better management of retail execution. Create your own cross-platform apps for gathering and accessing data in retail stores. Survey products that are authorized for your current store for voids, OOS, and pricing. Add photos of the shelf and sketch over them.

Consumer Goods - Store Survey

See how a Flowfinity app for iPhone can be used to conduct retail audits in stores. Flowfinity is used by leading CPG companies for cost-effective retail execution optimization and better insight at the shelf where consumers make their buying decisions.

Consumer Goods - Survey Competitor Information

Gather information in a retail store about your competitors. Use a grid view to quickly and accurately enter information about competitor products such as pricing, promotions, facings, etc. Configure your own competitor store survey forms without programming, to match your current business processes.

Field Service – Job Report

Receive dispatched jobs in the field on your smartphone. Complete electronic job reports with start and end times, customer signature, photos, sketch, list of materials used, and more. With Flowfinity, you can create your own workflow apps that reflect your business processes for work orders, dispatch and timesheets.

Field Service – Materials List

Create a list of materials used in your work order forms using a nested list. Electronic work order forms let you keep better track of job costs, activities, materials and time, and allow you to submit the information right away.

Photos and Sketch

Add photos to your Flowfinity mobile forms by either launching your device's camera from within the app or uploading photos from your device's photo album. Sketch over your photos using your touchscreen to highlight something or write notes. Photos gathered in Flowfinity can provide searchable, structured visual evidence of whatever you need to record when you're away from the office.

Property Inspection

Replace your paper property inspection forms with flexible mobile apps. Find your current building using a GPS-filtered search, take pictures and create electronic inspection reports directly your mobile device. Email an automatic report after the inspection is complete.

Offline Features

Preview some of our advanced offline capabilities. Find out how you can quickly access your enterprise data even in offline mode by customizing your own filter-based search. Save your form as a draft and resume it while you're offline.