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Headquarters: Toronto, ON, Canada
Sector: Communications
Function: CRM / Event Coordination
Solution: Flowfinity Actions
Benefits: Mission critical events were easily coordinated and updated in real-time
enabling management and event hosts to deliver a great customer experience.

"The Flowfinity application for the Olympics was great as it was updated to everyone in real time. With the amount of last minute changes to attendees, locations and hosts, it provided us with a one-stop app for all of our hosting needs."

- Leah Stack, Account Executive, Bell Mobility


Bell, a Premier National Partner and the Exclusive Telecommunications Partner of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, hosted hundreds of customer events around Vancouver and Whistler. To successfully coordinate these events that involved 350 different customers, 25 hosts and 14 different venues, Bell needed to communicate the most up-to-date event information to their management and event hosts on-the-go.

The operations team needed a solution that was robust, and that could be easily accessed and updated from both BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices as well as a web portal. As these events were highly visible within Bell, ensuring their guests had a positive experience at the Games while showcasing mobile technology was a top priority.


Bell selected Flowfinity Actions, a mobile applications software product, as it provided more depth than other mobile forms solutions, had a proven and reliable track record, and could be deployed quickly. Within a week, the necessary Flowfinity Actions configuration had been completed. Bell began uploading their customer, venue, and host data along with specific event and ticket information into the system from Excel spreadsheets.

The web portal made it easy to create events, assign venues, customers and hosts, and push the information out to assigned Bell employees. Once deployed, the operations team could easily update key information directly from their smartphone to coordinate last minute changes during the Games.

Flowfinity Actions became the central portal for communicating details of each Olympic event such as parking info, public transit options, bus departure schedules, and meeting places, and for obtaining attendee information including customer name, company, job title, contact numbers, email, and their Bell account manager. The ability to drill down and place a call or send an email directly from the application made it easy to connect with account managers and customers.


Flowfinity Actions gave Bell the agility they needed to successfully coordinate staff, venues, events and customers during the Olympic Winter Games, and deliver a positive experience to all parties involved.

  • For management: being able to view all event details on-the-go made it easy to decide which events they could add value to, based on their immediate availability and location.
  • For event hosts: being able to easily access venue details, directions and pertinent attendee information made them feel prepared to host the many different events that took place during the Games and also gave them a talking piece to showcase the application to their customers.
  • For the operations team: being able to make changes on-the-go using their smartphone and having the nested fields automatically reciprocate the changes to all other related events, saved them a lot of time and gave them assurance that the application was delivering accurate information to management and event hosts.


The Flowfinity application really gave Bell the edge we needed to ensure our customers had a positive experience. Being able to view all the various event details made it easy to make decisions on where we could add the most value.

Rick Jones

Regional Manager of Sales

Bell Mobility

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