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Retail Execution Management

Enhance the shopper experience and maximize sales by ensuring products are presented at the right time and place in stores. With Flowfinity, you can streamline retail execution management and improve field staff productivity to get the most out of store visits.

Flowfinity delivers flexible enterprise mobility solutions that let you customize mobile surveys, data collection and workflow apps for cross-platform mobile devices. Automate your existing business processes on mobile devices for a more efficient way to collect and access critical data:

  • Voids & out-of-stocks
  • Competitor information
  • Shelf conditions
  • Promotion compliance
  • Planogram validation
  • Broker performance

Flowfinity works offline, so your sales reps can stay productive even if they lose cellular coverage. Data collected in stores is automatically sent to a central database, where it can be analyzed directly with common reporting tools or integrated with your existing enterprise systems.

iPad retail execution mobile survey iPad store survey form sketch
Create mobile store survey forms Sketch over pictures to highlight issues

Access retail insight that drives results
Store survey data collected on mobile devices provides high quality information for deeper insights into channel, product, retailer or broker trends. Take advantage of real-time data to quickly identify and respond to issues that require immediate attention.

Streamline broker management
Close the loop with brokers and merchandisers by providing timely, detailed evidence of store conditions. Generate automatic reports to monitor and communicate how merchandising plans were executed and how retail execution can be improved.

Improve accountability of mobile teams
Optimize staffing levels and improve productivity through with better management of field teams. Monitor start and end times at each location with GPS-enabled timesheets.


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The new reporting system is really fast. All of the audit data is submitted overnight, and can be reviewed by anyone in the sales department, up to daily if needed. Retail managers can download a report, highlight the issues, and disseminate that information to brokers.

Randy Sullins

VP Trade Relations

McCormick & Co., Inc.

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