Mobile Survey Software

Mobile Survey SoftwareCreate your own survey apps for offline data collection.

With Flowfinity, you can easily create mobile surveys to streamline data collection in the field using smartphones and tablets. Capture information such as job site inspections, retail audits or customer interviews, and the results are sent directly to a database for searching, reporting, and accessing on mobile devices.

  • Create surveys with a web-based editor
  • Complete surveys online or offline
  • Choose from over 30 flexible field types
  • Capture photos, text, GPS locations
  • Submit results to a database
  • Publish surveys to specific user groups
  • Use skip logic and conditional fields

Unlimited Surveys

Create as many survey forms as you need, and publish them to your users as soon as they are built. Once you create a survey, you can access it on iPad, iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone devices.

Two-Way Information Access

Flowfinity survey apps provide more than just one-way data submission. Your data is stored directly in a centralized database, so that you can access survey results or company data on your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Real-Time Feedback

Collect high-quality data in real-time so that you can gain actionable insights and address issues that require immediate attention. Set up automatic email notifications to keep customers, managers, and employees up-to-date.

Flexible Integration

Flowfinity delivers flexible integration features that allow you to connect your survey apps seamlessly to existing back-end systems, without having to import or export data from spreadsheets.

Transform your business with enterprise mobile apps.