Customer and Partner Portals

Deliver excellent customer service with Flowfinity customer and partner portals. Keep your stakeholders in the loop by allowing them to log in to Flowfinity directly to access service records, progress reports, documents, and more.

Reduce Admin Costs

Let your customers and partners submit requests directly, or keep their contact information up-to-date, reducing your processing costs.

Improve Transparency

Provide real-time access to billable service history and activity records for better transparency and accountability of all parties involved.

Empower Your Customers

Streamline communication by giving customers self-service access to any type of product or service information you want to publish for them.

enterprise mobile app customer portal

Provide Access Anytime, Anywhere

By downloading the Flowfinity app for free from Google Play, App Store or the Windows Phone Store, your customers and partners can access Flowfinity from their mobile devices as well as the web.

Collaborate with Partners

Flowfinity provides real-time evidence of projects, tasks, and workflows, making it easy to share information, communicate and collaborate.

Customize Your Portal

Flowfinity is fully customizable, so you can set up specific views, apps and actions for your portal users according to your business processes.

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