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Security Guard Management

Flowfinity software lets you customize mobile forms and workflows to manage your workforce more effectively. Improve productivity and reduce costs by automating internal processes like incident reporting, dispatch and case management.

Incident and Patrol Reporting

Design custom mobile forms to match your specific requirements for site audits, incident, patrol, alarm or other reports. With Flowfinity mobile forms, you can eliminate paper and clipboards and save hours of administrative overhead needed to transcribe information.

Patrol teams can fill in reports on their smartphones or tablets and submit them immediately, giving head office and security clients a real-time, accurate view of the situation in the field. Streamlining mobile data collection allows all teams to collect data in a consistent way, leading to well-organized records that are easily accessible.

Security Guard Management

Status Tracking

Status tracking can be used for detailed reporting and documentation of a guard tour. With status tracking, guards can report on individual activities, such as arriving at or leaving a location, arriving at a checkpoint, travelling to the next location, or reporting on an incident during the tour.

All records can be filled in with or without cellular or Internet coverage, and time or GPS stamped. NFC tour verification is also available for NFC-enabled smartphones or rugged mobile devices.

Status tracking works intelligently to display the next mobile form based on the previous activity. For example, if a guard arrives at a location, forms for that location can be automatically displayed on their mobile device.

Information about each tour is sent to a central database for accurate record keeping. Use the information to supplement client invoices, provide billing evidence, or integrate with your payroll system.


Use GPS location data to tag and verify the location where your security teams submit reports, incidents, and audits. Any record can be tagged with a GPS location stamp to ensure accurate reporting, or supplement patrol reports for clients.

Scheduling and Dispatch

With Flowfinity you can streamline scheduling and dispatch and reduce the resources needed for this task. Stay up-to-date on where your patrols are and send dispatch notifications directly to their smartphones or tablets.


Send out important security bulletins or alerts to staff in the field through push notifications on their mobile devices.

Document Management System

Store important documents and manuals in a central location for quick access from any mobile device, so that your team can retrieve patrol reports, operating procedures and other important documents quickly and easily from wherever they are.

Search for incident reports by file number, date, security officer, or any other parameter that you specify, and keep your team up-to-date by pushing the latest materials to their mobile devices. Document management is fully customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Data Protection

Many security organizations prefer to deploy data solutions for guards on their own infrastructure, as this gives them control over data protection and system availability. The Flowfinity data repository is a secured SQL server database that is available for querying by reporting and analytics tools independently from the Flowfinity product itself, and is typically secured behind the organization's firewall. Flowfinity Actions Enterprise Edition includes a Reverse Proxy that resides within the organization's DMZ to further improve network security.

For further information on deployment options, please see the product licensing page.


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The way our IT system works together with Flowfinity has definitely given us a competitive advantage. When the guard arrives, an email notification is sent directly to the client to say that they have arrived. The details are then sent to the guard’s smartphone about what to do on-site. It is very much a real-time system.

Roderick Stamp

Senior Software Analyst

Advance Security

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