Field Technologies Magazine Features Flowfinity Solutions and Environmental Consultancy Hemmera

May 5, 2015


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Last month, Field Technologies Magazine featured environmental consultancy Hemmera's use of Flowfinity, and talked about how the organization upgraded its paper forms to a mobile solution.

Hemmera was looking for a way to improve the efficiency of field data collection and reporting, so they turned to Flowfinity to go mobile and saved 1-2 hours each day. Here's a look at some of the ways Flowfinity's mobile solution helped improve field data collection and business processes:

Improved Project Management and Customer Services

Thanks to real time information from the field, Project Managers can manage progress remotely and be instantly informed of any issues that require immediate attention. This allows projects to be completed faster, and makes it easier for managers to stay on top of their projects' statuses. Real time information also allows managers to keep customers up-to-date with the most current information.

Reduced Deployment and Training Time

Flowfinity apps are easy to customize without programming, which allows for quick turnaround times when launching new apps. New apps often have to be designed and deployed within a day to meet the needs of different project teams. Flowfinity's intuitive design and structure makes it easy for Hemmera's data management team to build and deploy these new solutions, which are easily understood and used by workers in the field.

Complements GIS and Web Mapping Solutions

GIS systems are an important tool in Hemmera's line of work, along with many others. Hemmera was able to seamlessly integrate Flowfinity's apps with Esri's ArcGIS software, extending the mapping system with mobile data collection and workflow features for specific tasks. For example, field staff can enter data in a Flowfinity app that corresponds to a specific map grid region on a map layer. That region is marked in real-time in a different color on a Web Map, which is available to both field staff on an iPad and office staff at the computer. Selecting this grid region on the web map shows a popup of data collected in Flowfinity. This feature allows workers to flow effortlessly between the two systems, without transferring data or switching programs.

Competitive Advantage

Hemmera stays one step ahead of their competition, boasting real-time information updates for their clients using advanced mobile technology. The cutting edge abilities Hemmera has developed using Flowfinity mobile data collection and workflow apps alongside ArcGIS mapping software allow them to offer their clients the best possible service with efficiency and accuracy.

"We are saving an average of 1-2 hours a day in reporting and reviewing time. It has reduced the amount of paper we use on-site to almost nothing as we can enter data directly into the form without having to take field notes. We are also able to instantaneously update the client on incidents or activities on-site as needed."
- Planning and Management Project Manager, Hemmera

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