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Training Academy Learning Paths

Accelerate your no-code journey with our learning paths to get the most out of your Flowfinity experience.
Start by building basic applications, then try more advanced functionality for system admins.​

App Builder (Level 1)
Application Configuration
App Builder (Level 2)
Application Configuration
Flowfinity Administration
System Administration

System Integrator
Software Integration

Flowfinity IoT Controller
IoT Controller Setup

Knowledge Base

Access our intuitive step-by-step guides and how to videos to take a deeper dive into specific Flowfinity functionality.

Application Templates

Download complimentary application templates to kickstart your project and find the inspiration to innovate.
If you have any questions about another use case our experts can help you get started.

Remote Work Apps
Remote Work Apps
Water & Wastewater Apps
Water & Wastewater Apps


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