Notice: Coronavirus Preparedness

The ongoing spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting lives and economies around the world. Flowfinity has adopted procedures aimed at helping us preserve the health of our employees and our ability to support our valued customers.

We have implemented a remote work strategy for our employees across all offices and facilities to mitigate the possibility of multiple infections. This is made possible by relying on paperless business practices and digital workflows we have developed with our own product and other technologies.

Our support team is available as your resource if you would like to discuss your own preparedness.

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Build business process applications in the cloud.

Create custom apps that let users complete mobile forms and workflows from anywhere. Add interactive dashboards for real-time, actionable insight into operations.


Mobile Applications for Business Process Management

Create, deploy, and update applications faster.

Develop applications with an easy-to-use, code-free editor. One click, and your database, web portal and cross-platform mobile apps are automatically created and installed.

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Empower citizen developers and IT.

Reduce development time and maintenance costs of mobile business applications. Whether you're a citizen developer or IT guru, you can quickly help your organization replace inefficient paper and spreadsheet processes or legacy systems.


  • "What set Flowfinity apart was that it gives the business user the power to quickly create apps with deep functionality such as custom workflows, integration, and flexible data capture features without any programming."

    - Mike Pittinger, Superintendent, City of Cincinnati

    Our Customers

  • "Flowfinity enables us make minor app changes easily, which is important as our project needs and workflows can change frequently. Any updates we make are published with the click of a button and then available on everyone's mobile device."

    - Jeanette Boylan, Conservation Program Manager, San Diego Zoo Global

    Our Customers

  • "We now have an increasing pool of users who can build apps with minimal guidance from IT."

    - Olly Spooner, I.T. Support and Database Officer, ShelterBox

    Our Customers

  • "Flowfinity enables us to build apps and mobile forms quickly, and is flexible, stable, and extremely easy to use, even for non-technical people."

    - Pablo Alvarez, IT Director, John Mills Limited

    Our Customers

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