Get Business Alerts Faster with Email Notifications for Mobile Workflow Automation

Sept 27, 2017


Manage Business Information on Mobile Devices

If you have a dispersed team in the field, you need to effectively communicate and keep each member up to date on what they need to know. It's important to get notified as soon as a business transaction happens, whether it's letting a manager know when a task is completed or informing a customer when an order has shipped. That's why mobile workflow automation tools with email notifications can offer an automated approach for streamlining communication to keep everyone informed.

In Flowfinity, you can trigger one or multiple email notifications for any event or transaction you choose. You can set up as many notifications you need within each app with a few easy clicks, and the emails can be set up to include fields from the form that was just submitted. Notifications can also be made conditional on values in the record at the time, as a useful way to alert people according to specific business rules. This is done by creating conditions and logic through the Flowfinity App Editor using "AND" and "OR" operators.

Manage Business Information on Mobile Devices

Notifications can have the importance flag set to low importance or high importance to catch the reader's attention. This flag can also be set conditionally, based on the data in the record. You can choose whether notifications are sent from either the current Flowfinity user's email address, or from a static email address that you enter yourself when the application is created.

Manage Business Information on Mobile Devices

For projects involving several team members or partners, you can set up email notifications to have multiple recipients. Different kinds of recipients are supported including users registered in the application, such as the user filling in the form, another employee, or users belonging to a certain role such as supervisors. You can add recipients based on user lookup fields or email fields in your form. This is useful when sending email notifications to other employees or external parties such as vendors, distributors or customers.

Manage Business Information on Mobile Devices

You can also specify a static email address such as an archiving mailbox. Email-to-SMS gateways are also supported in Flowfinity, enabling SMS alerts of critical events to be quickly sent. You can also easily specify separate To, CC and BCC recipients.

When composing the email content, you can take advantage of a flexible a template approach,​where you can paste field references into your email subject or body. You can also have a copy of the submitted form included in read-only format into your email message by selecting a form layout.

Manage Business Information on Mobile Devices

Email notifications can include multiple attachments such as images, audio recordings, and other rich data to supplement the content. Flowfinity also allows you to render your form data into a printer-friendly PDF document, and have it attached to your email message.

When sending email notifications to the users of the Flowfinity application, it is often useful to allow the user to quickly navigate into the record in Flowfinity to make necessary edits or take action, based on the notification. This can be accomplished with deep linking which allows adding links that open either a desktop browser or mobile application, directly from the email message.

Manage Business Information on Mobile Devices

Email notifications can be useful for many business processes, whether for communicating to other application users in your organization, or third parties such as clients, customers and channel partners. To learn how to easily create them yourself, start a free trial today.

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