Mobile Apps Deliver Value at Ford Lincoln Auto Shows

May 20, 2015


event data collection
Recently, Latitude Software - a provider of strategic technology for business - partnered with Flowfinity to provide improved service to their clients.

Latitude Software provides the technology systems for gathering Ford Lincoln survey data at auto shows. Originally, this meant using paper forms to collect and submit data. However, with Flowfinity this process was streamlined via mobile apps, creating a more efficient way to gather, organize, and present this data.

While the two processes are fundamentally similar, Flowfinity's mobilized version allows for faster data flow, improved tracking and more control over the data and the interface. Below is a look at both of these processes: how data was collected at auto show exhibits before and after Flowfinity's mobile solution.


  • Auto show representatives used paper and Word documents to provide feedback on the events. Since all of the survey questions are not relevant for each event, team members would have to edit the documents themselves, adding and removing their own data.
  • Questionnaires were filled out at the end of the day or week, after the event. The documents were emailed as attachments, making it difficult to keep track of outstanding paperwork.
  • Each individual attachment had to be downloaded from the emails and manually organized into folders.


  • Auto show representatives can use any mobile device available to them to access the questionnaires through a mobile app.
  • Questionnaires can be filled out during the event, live on the floor. Once filled out, they are immediately submitted and accessible remotely from any other device or the web. These forms are properly titled and organized automatically upon completion and upload.
  • All forms and questionnaires are instantly accessible and ready for use/review. It's easier to keep track of how many forms have been sent in, and track when shows are completed.

Comparing these two processes side by side, it is clear to see that using Word documents leads to inconsistent data, as staff edit their own forms and decide what information to include and exclude. It is also difficult to ensure that all forms are being collected per show, and that no outstanding forms are missing, since everything is sent individually by email and must be manually organized into one database.

With Flowfinity, mobile forms are submitted to a database as soon as they are filled out, so they are organized and tracked immediately. This leads to more consistent data and more efficient processes.

The best part is, Flowfinity's mobile solutions are programming-free, allowing for mobile apps and forms to be created easily and quickly without the hassle of coding. This helps Latitude Software quickly customize mobile solutions to fit the specific need of different clients, such as Ford.

"Flowfinity has a good support system, it's effective, and it makes the value of the mobile system better when we don't have to write code for new features or device platforms," said Tony Gambee, Founder and President of Latitude Software. "Flowfinity is always adding product enhancements, which means that we can turn around and deliver new features to our customers as soon as they ask or even before they ask."

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