Topline Electric Builds Mobile Apps to Boost Inventory Management

Apr 25, 2018


Using Mobile Apps to Boost Inventory Management

Storing inventory can tie up a lot of cash. That's why effective inventory control is critical for any growing company.

Topline Electric is an electrical, plumbing, and heating organization that leverages mobile technology to efficiently manage all its inventory, while maintaining excellent customer service. The organization recently published a video about their success.

With activities ranging from small home renovations to multi-million dollar construction projects, Topline has an extensive list of parts to pick from and assign for each job and customer work order. This was previously performed manually with paper forms. But with business growing quickly, they needed to improve efficiency to reduce both the time staff spent keeping records, and the amount of inventory on hand.

Topline knew an automated solution that fits business requirements, and optimizes customer service and inventory holding cost could be hard to find.

The organization decided to build their own business applications, customized to exact workflow requirements, using Flowfinity software. The platform enabled them to implement their systems quickly and efficiently, since there was no coding or database skills required. The applications also include mobile apps with barcode scanning capabilities to make picking and assigning parts faster and easier. As soon as a work order is generated by front office, the field staff pulls up the mobile form, scans the barcode of each required inventory part, then sends the data back right away. The profitability of each service request is calculated immediately.

Now with a mobilized workflow process with real-time data access, Topline is able to easily determine the value of inventory at any time. Topline is also able to seamlessly integrate Flowfinity with their ERP system, so that data across all systems is fully synchronized.

Business Benefits

  • 50% time saved by field staff
  • Less investment in parts inventories through smarter parts management
  • Improved customer service with real-time operational intelligence

Watch the video below to see the system in action:

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