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Learn how leading process improvers are driving no-code digital transformation in the enterprise.

How Manufacturers Extend Asset Life and Reduce Waste with IoT Driven Workflows

Reduce Waste with IoTRetrofitting your existing facilities with Flowfinity IoT solutions allows you to stream operational data directly into digital workflows to improve decision-making, increase productivity, and reduce material waste.
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Real-Time Operational Intelligence Is Achievable for Any Size Manufacturer with Flowfinity

Real-Time Operational IntelligenceMeasure everything to drive growth. Flowfinity Operational Intelligence dashboards display real-time IoT sensor data to improve situational awareness, helping manufacturers make informed, data-driven decisions faster.
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Do More with Less: Small Teams can Deliver Big Things with the Flowfinity No-Code Platform

application backlogAccelerate your process improvement journey! The Flowfinity no-code platform can help you conquer your application backlog, deliver on requirements, and drive meaningful digital transformation, quickly.
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Beyond Resistance: How to Champion Change and Accelerate Adoption with No-Code

digital transformationBecome a champion of change. Discover the root causes of resistance to digital transformation and strategies to turn apprehension into enthusiasm by creating a culture of adaptability with no-code tools.
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How Process Improvers Overcome Common IT Solution Implementation Challenges

Industrial IoTProcess improvers face multiple challenges when moving new IT solutions from concept to deployment. Intuitive apps built without code can help you overcome resistance to change and ensure widespread adoption.
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Industrial IoT, Edge Computing and Data Streams: A Comprehensive Guide

Industrial IoTLearn what IoT, Edge Computing and Data Streams can do and why it matters, as well as best practices for deployment and how to maximize your ROI with automation in our comprehensive guide.
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Introducing Flowfinity Streams: Time Series Data Storage and Management

Industrial IoTAnnouncing Flowfinity Streams, a cutting-edge time series database used to collect and store data from sensors and other automated sources using substantially less database space compared to traditional relational storage models.
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Flowfinity Actions 23.1 Provides New Capabilities for Industrial IoT and M1 Controller

Industrial IoTThe latest upgrade to Flowfinity brings enhancements to the Flowfinity M1 IoT controller for simplified set-up and reliable operation including new battery options and Modbus capabilities.
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Fast Track IO Revolutionizes Industrial IoT Monitoring and Control

Industrial IoT devicesFlowfinity introduces Fast Track IO functionality to the M1 industrial IoT controller, allowing for sub-millisecond sensor measurement accuracy to augment industrial process management and situational awareness.
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Unlocking the Power of No-Code: Top 5 Benefits for Business Analysts

tools for Business AnalystsUnlock the power of no-code to drive efficiency and empowerment. Deliver successful digital transformation projects without over-reliance on scarce IT resources.
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Situational Awareness: Putting Events in Context to Checkmate Operational Challenges

IoT capabilities give you real-time insightDon't let a lack of situational awareness put you in check! New IoT capabilities give you real-time insight into utility operations to avoid downtime and asset failure.
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The Evolution of Field Data Collection

The Evolution of Field Data CollectionThe evolution of field data collection from paper forms to digitization and smartphone workflow applications, now driven by IIoT and 24/7 automated condition monitoring.
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Just More Hype or Ripe for Adoption? Our Top 3 'Tech Trends' for 2022

Tech Trends As the pace of digital change continues to accelerate, our latest blog focuses on the 3 key technology trends that will really shape digital transformations in 2022.
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Build vs. Buy… Have Things Changed in This Enterprise Software Dilemma?

Build vs. Buy Enterprise Software Implementing business applications the wrong way can be costly. Find out if it's more effective to build a custom solution, or buy a packaged solution for immediate use. Read More

Flowfinity Introduces Business Process Automation… at the Edge

IoT and Business Process Automation Flowfinity introduces support for IoT devices and SMS notifications, unlocking the power of 24/7 workflow automation, streamlined data collection, and next-generation asset management. Read More

Drive Engineering Project Success with the Right Apps

GIS mapping Is your engineering project data trapped in paper forms and spreadsheets? Flowfinity empowers you to create, automate, and integrate project applications that replace paper forms, manage your project data, and streamline reporting. Read More

How GIS Mapping with Structured Data Collection Improves Operations and Reporting

GIS mapping Flowfinity empowers GIS professionals and operations managers to streamline field data collection and management, tying field data together with GIS and other systems to create custom workflows. Read More

Operational Intelligence Dashboards: Why It’s Time to Rethink Your BI Solution

Operational Intelligence Flowfinity dashboards are a game-changer because your records are tied directly to your database and applications in a two-way configuration, meaning you can also add or edit records, launch workflows, and action notifications directly from your widgets. Read More

5 Ways Custom Database-Driven Apps Enhance Engineering Field Operations

field service technologies Collecting and managing field data doesn't have to be so painful for engineers. Learn about 5 ways database-driven apps can enhance productivity and future-proof your operations. Read More

Predicting the Future of Field Service Technologies

field service technologies Field service organizations can achieve digital transformation if they leverage new technology to future-proof their business processes. Here are the trends that are changing the industry. Read More

3 Must-Have Skills in a Successful Business Analyst’s No-Code Toolkit

business analyst's toolkit Here are 3 no-code skills that successful business analysts are adding to their toolkits. Learn how to create and integrate custom apps and dashboards quickly and without code. Read More

4 Ways Business Analysts Benefit by Adopting No-Code​

business analysts benefit from no-code app Learn about 4 ways no-code app configuration helps business analysts deliver solutions faster and drive successful digital transformations. Read More

Answers to the Top 5 Questions Business Analysts Have about No-Code Apps

Custom workflow solutions without code Are you looking for a better, faster way to solve business problems? We answer some of the FAQs that Business Analysts have about no-code app configuration. Read More

Deploy Digital Solutions with Flexible Access Options for Your Whole Organization, and Beyond

digital solutions with flexible access options for your whole organization New capabilities make it easy to manage large teams of users and provide flexible access to external partners with tokens. Read More

5 Ways No-Code App Configuration Helps You Exceed Digital Transformation ROI

No-Code App Configuration Helps Digital Transformation ROI Discover 5 ways no-code app configuration can help drive success digital transformations and exceed ROI expectations. Read More

Accelerate Digital Transformation at Your Water Utility

Business Insights with Data Visualization Discover how savvy water utility managers are leveraging no-code tools to create custom apps that drive smarter, data-driven decisions. Read More

Unleash the Power of Formulas to Build Applications That Drive Your Business

Business Insights with Data Visualization Discover how you can leverage formulas to enhance the performance and user experience of your Flowfinity applications. Read More

Dashboards Demystified: Deliver Better Business Insights with Data Visualization

Business Insights with Data Visualization Dashboards demystified. We answer your frequently asked questions about dashboards and help you get started with data visualization. Read More

Staying Resilient During a Crisis: Cincinnati Responds to 100-Year Storm

Mobile Applications for Crisis Management Find out how the City of Cincinnati overcame a historic rain event by reacting quickly using emergency mobile applications, built with Flowfinity software. Read More

Q&A: How to Get Started with Business Process Automations in Flowfinity

How to get started with Business Process AutomationsLooking to learn more about Flowfinity Automations? In our latest blog, we answer some frequently asked questions about software robots.
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Improve Your Insight into Environmental Project Data with Custom No-Code Apps

Environmental Project Data with Custom No-Code AppsEnvironmental professionals often manage a tangled web of generic and limited solutions for data collection and management. Flowfinity provides a better solution for environmental project data collection, management, and analysis.
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8 Tips for Making 'Remote Work' Work!

Flowfinity Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response8 tips to facilitate a successful remote work strategy, including leveraging no-code to reengineer workflows and accessing educational resources to find the inspiration to innovate.
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Reduce the Frustration of Systems Integration with No-Code REST Functionality

Systems Integration with No-CodeUse REST API architecture and popular no-code automation platforms to integrate Flowfinity structured data with external software and create unified systems to drive your business.
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Make Better Business Decisions with Dashboard Maps

dashboard mapsWe now offer dashboard maps, an exciting new tool for data visualization. Render your structured Flowfinity data onto GIS maps from 3 leading basemap providers.
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4 Ways to Defeat Your Application Development Backlog with No-Code Tools

Defeat Your Application Development Backlog with No-Code ToolsNo-code development is increasingly popular with IT and business leaders, helping organizations overcome backlogs and innovate for the future.
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Future-Proof: Leverage Technology to Drive Innovation and Success in the 2020's

Innovation will drive digital transformation success in 2020A guide to developing an effective digital transformation roadmap for the decade ahead.
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Field Services Revolution – 11 Best Practices for Achieving Digital Transformation

Field Services Revolution – 11 Best Practices for Achieving Digital TransformationFollow these tips to increase your field service efficiency and discover how new technologies are changing the data collection game.
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Supercharge Business Process Automation with Software Robots

Business Process Automation with Software RobotsTake process automation to the next level by incorporating configurable software robots that simplify BPA implementation. Build a business case to reap the benefits of increased productivity and improved data integrity in your apps.
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Drive Digital Transformation with Interactive Dashboards

Drive Digital Transformation with Interactive DashboardsLearn why interactive dashboards are such a powerful operational intelligence tool. We discuss the benefits of adopting dashboard usage.
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Digital Transformation Terms and Trends Explained

Digital Transformation Terms and TrendsKeep up-to-date with terms and trends in digital transformation and discover new technologies to help your business go digital.
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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle: Big Picture Thinking for Workflow Process Systems

The missing piece of a puzzleLearn why big picture thinking is crucial when deploying business workflow processes. We discuss three common scenarios and approaches for a successful system upgrade.
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Configuration vs. Coding: A Better Way to Build Process Automation Robots

A better way to build process automation robotsApply the concept of declarative programming to create a set of tools you can use to configure automated workflows with extreme efficiency and flexibility. Here's how.
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What Is Mobile Data Collection?

Mobile Asset Management Mobile data collection is an improved method of gathering, storing and interpreting field data for business using mobile devices and applications. Discover key benefits of MDC over paper forms. Read More

5 Tips for Launching a Successful Mobile Asset Management System

Mobile Asset Management Effective asset management empowers organizations to have a better view into their operational resources, reducing downtime and losses. Learn 5 tips for successfully launching your system. Read More

10 Best Practices: Success with Mobile Inspection Apps

Mobile Inspection Apps With recent studies showing that paperless inspections are increasing efficiency by 51%, organizations are now looking to go mobile. Find out 10 best practices you need to know. Read More

7 Ways Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Construction Industry

construction mobile apps Mobile technology is delivering unprecedented access to real-time information in the field, helping construction companies reduce costs and keep better track of time-sensitive projects. Read More

Topline Electric Builds Mobile Apps to Boost Inventory Management

Using Mobile Apps to Boost Inventory Management Watch a 2-min success video by Topline Electric to see how they effectively manage inventory with mobile technology. Read More

10 Mobile App Ideas for Boosting Productivity in Farming and Agriculture

agriculture mobile software solutions Mobility is changing the face of farming and agriculture, delivering new opportunities for boosting revenue and productivity. With global pressures rising, mobile apps can help make the difference. Read More

Top 6 Ways to Improve Retail Execution Management with Mobile Apps

Retail Execution Management Consumer goods manufacturers often have limited visibility into how product displays and promotions are executed in retail stores. Here are 6 ways to close the retail execution gap with a mobile solution. Read More

Low-code vs. No-code Platforms: Which One Is Better for You?

Low-code vs. No-code Platforms: Which One Is Better? With mobile app development, businesses are turning to low-code and no-code approaches for success. Find out what makes them similar and different, and how they can mobilize your business. Read More