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4 Ways to Achieve Digital Transformation in 2019

Ways to Achieve Digital Transformation Leverage digital transformation technologies to their fullest by anticipating new emerging trends for 2019. Find out 4 strategies that can help you in the drive to digital. Read More

10 Best Practices: Success with Mobile Inspection Apps

Mobile Inspection Apps With recent studies showing that paperless inspections are increasing efficiency by 51%, organizations are now looking to go mobile. Find out 10 best practices you need to know. Read More

Build or Buy? The Enterprise Software Dilemma

construction mobile apps Implementing business applications the wrong way can be costly. Find out if it's more effective to build a custom solution, or buy a packaged solution for immediate use. Read More

7 Ways Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Construction Industry

construction mobile apps Mobile technology is delivering unprecedented access to real-time information in the field, helping construction companies reduce costs and keep better track of time-sensitive projects. Read More

Can IT and Citizen Developers Collaborate to Build Mobile Apps?

Can IT and Citizen Developers Collaborate to Build Mobile Apps Demand for mobile apps in the workplace is growing, and forward-thinking business leaders are advocating for citizen development more than ever. Read the latest white paper to see why. Read More

Topline Electric Builds Mobile Apps to Boost Inventory Management

Using Mobile Apps to Boost Inventory Management Watch a 2-min success video by Topline Electric to see how they effectively manage inventory with mobile technology. Read More

10 Mobile App Ideas for Boosting Productivity in Farming and Agriculture

agriculture mobile software solutions Mobility is changing the face of farming and agriculture, delivering new opportunities for boosting revenue and productivity. With global pressures rising, mobile apps can help make the difference. Read More

Top 6 Ways to Improve Retail Execution Management with Mobile Apps

Retail Execution Management Consumer goods manufacturers often have limited visibility into how product displays and promotions are executed in retail stores. Here are 6 ways to close the retail execution gap with a mobile solution. Read More

Low-code vs. No-code Platforms: Which One Is Better for You?

Low-code vs. No-code Platforms: Which One Is Better? With mobile app development, businesses are turning to low-code and no-code approaches for success. Find out what makes them similar and different, and how they can mobilize your business. Read More

4 Ways to Achieve Digital Transformation in 2018

Ways to Achieve Digital Transformation Organizations are often investing in creative and useful ways to incorporate technology into their businesses. Find out 4 ways you can go digital in 2018. Read More

Uncovering the 6 Benefits of Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS)

Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) With digital transformation pressure on the rise, businesses are looking for ways to introduce mobile apps more efficiently. Find out how aPaaS platforms are making it possible. Read More

4 Ways to Improve Software Adoption with Personalized BPM Applications

Personalized Business Process Applications When building business applications, it's important to tailor the experience for different users so that it's most relevant to them. Find out how. Read More

Flowfinity Adds NFC Support for Business Process Management Apps

NFC in Business Process Management Apps Build your own NFC-enabled business apps with a no-code editor, and allow field staff to scan assets, locations or badges faster and more accurately. Read More

An Essential Guide for Finding a Mobile Workflow Automation Tool

Mobile Workflow Automation Automated workflows can eliminate repetitive tasks and provide daily insight into your processes, who's involved, and when to take action. Find out tips for choosing the right workflow automation software. Read More

Get Business Alerts with Email Notifications for Mobile Workflow Automation

Email Notifications in Mobile Applications Get notified as soon as a business transaction happens. Find out how automatic email notifications offer a hands-off approach for streamlining communication between the office and field. Read More

Manage Business Information on Mobile Devices with Data Filtering

Data Filtering in Mobile Applications View business information even faster. Find out how mobile apps with flexible data access capabilities let field teams quickly and easily look up business info from anywhere. Read More

How to Create Business Workflow Applications Without Code

Workflow applications Mobile business applications should do more for your organization than simply let you go paperless. Find out how Flowfinity can meet every workflow need to help drive your business. Read More

Flowfinity 101: Easy-to-Build Mobile Apps That Work Offline

Offline Apps Don't let network coverage interruptions prevent your field staff from being productive. Mobile apps with offline mode can help keep employees stay focused. Read More

Ad Hoc Mobile Applications for Crisis Management: Cincinnati Responds to 100-Year Storm Disaster

Mobile Applications for Crisis Management Find out how the City of Cincinnati overcame a historic rain event by reacting quickly using emergency mobile applications, built with Flowfinity software. Read More

5 Reasons You Should Build Business Process Applications Without Code

Building Business Process Applications with Point-and-Click IT professionals and citizen developers are empowered to build mobile applications by not having to write code, driving innovation faster than ever. Find out 5 reasons point-and-click tools are growing in popularity. Read More

5 Mistakes Companies Make with Business Process Automation Projects

Business Process AutomationFrom custom app development to pre-packaged solutions, buying mobile business application software can feel overwhelming. Find out 5 common mistakes to avoid that can help you make the right choice. Read More

Enterprise IT Growth: How to Assess Mobile Maturity

Enterprise Mobile AppsIt can be challenging to know how mature your organization's mobile strategy is, and how it compares to your competitors.
Find out key areas that can take you from 'going mobile' to 'mobile-first'. Read More

The Need for Speed: 5 Ways to Get Mobile Apps in the Workplace Faster

Mobile Apps in the WorkplaceMobility in the workplace is crucial, but it's tough to find a powerful mobile solution that can get you up and running quickly. Find out 5 features that help shorten the mobile app development cycle. Read More

American Beverage Marketers Named a Finalist for CGT Business & Technology Awards

Consumer Goods TechnologyFlowfinity customer American Beverage Marketers is a finalist for CGT Magazine's Customer Management Award for leveraging mobile technology to improve retail execution and manage client relationships. Read More

Enterprise Mobile Deployment: 8 Tips to Finding the Right Fit

Enterprise Mobile DeploymentWith endless options available, choosing the right enterprise mobile deployment can be overwhelming. Here are 8 helpful tips on what to look for and what to ask. Read More

Grasp the Full Picture: Improve Field Data Clarity with Photo Annotations

Improve Field Data ClarityCapturing images is a convenient way to share business information. With mobile apps, you can annotate photos to highlight the important details and communicate the full story. Read More