Licensing and Deployment

Flowfinity Actions is available in Team and Enterprise Editions for a monthly per-user fee¹, and includes:

  • Unlimited apps and forms
  • Unlimited form submissions
  • Access to new features and product updates
  • Cross-platform mobile device and web access support
  • Dashboards and data visualization

¹ Contact us for information on alternate licensing models

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Deployment Options

Deployment Options


What it is:

A fully hosted multi-tenant cloud option. Can be used as a standalone system, or data can be integrated with other systems through Web Services or CSV import/export.

Choose this option if:

You want to get up and running quickly without having to install the software or manage the hardware, network and security of an in-house solution.

Private Cloud

What it is:

Dedicated database and separate software instance hosted by Flowfinity, providing isolation from other customers and easy future migration to on-premises deployment.

Choose this option if:

You have a compressed deployment schedule or prefer to free up IT resources while maintaining full control of your data.


What it is:

Configuration where you install the system on your own infrastructure and maintain direct control over your data, network security, and software maintenance cycles.

Choose this option if:

You have IT personnel and infrastructure available to deploy and manage the system, and prefer to control application availability and data security.

For information about data privacy and GDPR compliance for cloud and private cloud services, please contact us.

Licensing Options

Flowfinity ActionsTeam Edition Flowfinity ActionsEnterprise Edition
General Features
Cross-platform native device support for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 10 devices
Offline app and form operation
Browser access from desktops, laptops and mobile devices
Support for unlimited number of forms, apps and submissions
Secure access through HTTPS and TLS encryption
On-device navigation between app pages
Total calculations for columns in data views
Save as PDF for any mobile form layout
Customizable buttons on mobile devices
Data Capture
33 standard field types
Audio recording field
Picture capture and upload from any web-based device
Picture annotation, sketch capability and timestamps
3D location recording and mapping integration
Signature capture field
NFC scanning
On-device calculations using formula fields, online or offline
Nested form, list and grid fields for master-detail data structures
Validation checks and error messages
"Save as Draft" online or offline
Teams and Users
Role-based permissions for data access and activity management
Access tokens for temporary authorization to apps
User management and token management application types to manage large sets of users
Customizable mobile form layouts for different users and tasks
Integration with existing Active Directory for user authentication
Creation of custom user roles and permissions
Flexible permission management to isolate mobile forms, apps and users through 'Sites'
Authorization of 'departmental' Administrators with limited permissions
Task assignment/dispatch capability
Unlimited custom workflow states eg. Approved, Invoiced, Pending, Dispatched, Submitted, etc.
Conditional transitions between workflow states based on custom business rules
Custom data validation for each workflow state
Automatic tasks and escalations performed by software robots
Conditional field visibility or skip logic
Customizable email notifications with attachments (PDF, pictures, attachment field)
Web based point-and-click dashboard editor with live data preview
View interactive dashboards on web and mobile
Host Esri, MapBox and MapTiler maps directly in dashboard widgets
Real-time charts with different types of aggregation
Ability to edit data directly in dashboards
TV/Kiosk mode for live operational intelligence
Interactive data exploration with filtering and drill-downs
Reference lines to visualize KPIs
Sequential data navigation across multiple linked widgets
Calculations based on pivoted data
Role-based data filtering and permission-based access control
Multiple dashboard capability
App Creation and Maintenance
Web based point-and-click app editor
No-code, declarative application building
Automatic generation of database structures based on app design
Application/form updates are available to all users instantly
Incremental app publishing for development and testing
Asynchronous application publishing to allow multiple apps to be updated all at once
Access to complimentary sandbox environment with export/import to your production server
Debug mode for email notifications
Revision control and change history for app updates
Monitoring system for alerting administrators of runtime errors
Two-Way Data Access
Offline lookups between apps to access or copy data
Location-based lookup of records by proximity to current GPS location
Attachment field
Viewing of PDF, Microsoft Office documents²
Customizable photo thumbnail views for quick access to records
Integration and Deep Linking
Leverage REST API architecture to connect systems and validate data
Compatible with integration platforms Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate
Batch import/export automation
CSV file import/export
Integration with external systems using Web Services
Compatible with common database reporting and data transfer tools
Query API for querying Flowfinity Actions records
Deep linking for client-side integration with third party apps
Deep linking for navigation between Flowfinity apps
Single sign-on through Okta, AD Federation Services and Azure Directory
Reverse Proxy for secure corporate network connection through DMZ
Password lockout policy
Custom branding of apps using color schemes, logos
Support for custom icons for views, activities and workflow states

² Subject to availability of viewers on devices