New Capabilities in Flowfinity

Our latest release introduces built-in map hosting functionality to easily connect dynamic structured data with digital mapping and GIS solutions.

New REST API connection configurations allow for reliable data exchange and validation with external software using popular integration tools.

These new capabilities make Flowfinity the no-code application configuration platform of choice in the Environmental Services and Engineering sectors, and ideal for any situation where reliable field data collection and management is crucial to success.

Mapping Functionality

Create, edit and view dynamic records in your database directly from geographic maps. Enhance reporting through data visualizations that drive digital workflows within dashboard widgets on web and mobile devices.

robotic process automation

Compatible with popular mapping platforms including Esri, Mapbox and MapTiler.

Simplified Integrations

Configure a complete closed-loop IT ecosystem powered by Flowfinity data collection, storage and workflows leveraging Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface (REST API) architecture. Connect to ERP, CRM and other mission critical software to build a unified system customized to your needs.

robotic process automation

You can now integrate Flowfinity with external systems using popular tools including Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier. See our Knowledge Base for integration concepts and setup instructions.

Automated Tasks and Escalations

Configure software robots to automate routine tasks and escalations with ease. Perform routine data management faster and with greater precision.

Non-invasive software robots work 24/7 to carry out each task and escalation. Automations can execute parallel activities across diverse departments in multiple applications. Robots require a user license.

robotic process automation

Trigger tasks that quickly update data within the same record, or connect to other apps for launching operations on new or existing records.

robotic process automation

Schedule escalations that perform periodic activities, such as mass record updates and reminder emails when action is required.

robotic process automation

UI Enhancements

Create form buttons that link to activities, look up information, launch external links, and more.

UI Enhancements

Use standard operation names, or customize names using formulas to match your business activities better.

UI Enhancements

Allow users to be aware of all activities available to them, by placing buttons anywhere in the form.

launch activities

Conveniently work on small screens with large buttons that launch activities. Wearing gloves? No problem.

launch activities

Spot trends even faster in dashboards by adding color rules within tables.


Show pictures in any column within table widgets, helping you visualize results better.

visualize results better

App Editor Navigation

Make edits even faster with the new quick search bar. Within seconds, you can find any field, layout, notification, operation, and more.

quick search bar

GPS Precision

Collect location data using 3D location fields that retrieve height and elevation measurements. Opt for 5 decimal places for increased accuracy.

3D location

Here is a detailed list of Flowfinity's latest features:

App Editor

  • Ability to easily configure REST API system integrations
  • Task and escalation automaton tools
  • Quick search bar
  • Robot user accounts
  • Expanded view filter conditions to include hours and minutes


  • Map hosting directly within dashboard widgets (GIS integrations)
  • Customizable buttons in dashboards
  • Color rules displayed in table widgets
  • Image visibility within tables

Mobile Client

  • Create, edit and view records from maps on mobile
  • High precision 3D GPS location fields including elevation
  • Button fields within forms
  • Rename or hide standard system buttons

Web Portal

  • Improved UI design for enhancing user intuitiveness and engagement
  • Updated customizable application icons

Other Improvements

  • Simplified integrations using REST API, enabling MS Power Automate and Zapier
  • Improved filters for lookup sync that enable faster database updates
  • Flexible import merge options for existing records
  • Debug mode for email notifications
  • Instant notifications to administrators about callouts or email delivery failures, without investigating logs