5 Reasons to Take Paper Out of Property Management

Mar 05, 2014


Property management companies have a lot to keep track of: new customers, tenant needs, emergency repairs, invoices, and the list goes on.

When it comes to property maintenance, providing field technicians with the right tools to record their work can go a long way. The right mobile solution can eliminate the day-to-day delays that pile up with paperwork, and provide a real-time view into field staff activities.

Here are 5 reasons to replace property management paperwork with flexible mobile apps:

1. Increase staff accountability
Real-time reporting on assigned and completed tasks lets you know what your field staff is working on, so that you can improve planning, productivity and accountability.

2. Automate business processes
Automate business processes like invoicing by generating records directly from mobile devices. This helps to improve cash flow and billing cycles while increasing back-office efficiency.

3. Create an audit trail of field activity
Data captured at the property in real-time delivers concrete evidence of every service hour delivered and every property inspection performed.

4. Reduce staff meetings and travel time
Going paperless means less travel time between the office and the field to pick up or submit paperwork. Take this one step further by dispatching detailed instructions to mobile devices rather than explaining instructions in person or over the phone.

5. Improve the feedback loop with customers
Keeping customers informed in real-time increases trust and customer satisfaction. Set up automated customer email notifications to provide updates when jobs are complete.

Here is an example of how you can mobilize property inspections with Flowfinity software.

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