5 Mistakes Companies Make with Business Process Automation Projects

Jan 31, 2017


Business Process Automation

Investing in new mobile applications for your business can be a daunting task. You need to determine functionality requirements, research implementation options, and get buy in from management and IT leaders. The benefits of boosting staff productivity and performing business functions accurately are clear, but choosing the best approach to implement a solution that really meets your organization's needs can be a bit trickier.

With so many pre-packaged solutions and mobile app development tools available on the market, it's tough to know which approach is best. To help you get started, here's a look at 5 common mistakes to avoid when deciding on the right approach for streamlining and automating internal business processes:

1. Applying 'one size fits all' approach to unique business needs

Pre-packaged solutions are designed in advance to meet general business requirements for many users. This makes it difficult to have a solution that really meets your specific requirements. Who else runs their business the same way you run yours? Customization is also crucial for software usability and user adoption. And an operational system that reflects your unique business processes can give you a competitive advantage through cost containment or customer service.

2. Assuming 'build apps' means coding

There are lots of options when it comes to building your own applications. You could have programmers code a custom application from scratch, with all the associated risks, costs and delays inherent in that approach. Then there are low-code application development options that simplify the process for the programmers. But better yet – there are fully declarative, point-and-click products that can be utilized by a broad range of hands-on business and technical staff throughout the organization to build functionally rich business process applications, without coding. Whether you are a seasoned IT professional or a departmental business analyst, your time is valuable so choose wisely.

3. Undervaluing mission-critical business processes

A wide range of business application software options means a wide range of price points, so it's easy to get distracted by price. Pre-packaged solutions and simple ‘forms' tools commonly offer budget-friendly prices, but only provide basic functionality. The true value comes from how easily the product lets you build a solution while still fully supporting the real, and possibly complex, business process requirements to meet your organization's needs. If it is an important business process, it is worth getting right.

4. Thinking short-term

Too often now, business processes are changing so rapidly that yesterday's ‘leading edge technology' becomes tomorrow's ‘legacy systems' as they quickly fall behind and become obsolete. Building an application that involves any coding can be expensive or difficult to adapt to changing requirements. Using an approach that doesn't involve code results in systems that are agile and can be updated frequently to keep up with fluctuations in workflows, remaining valuable in the long-term.

5. Not evaluating deployment options properly

Installing and running systems on-premises has its advantages, but it also involves you managing and paying for the infrastructure, network security, set-ups, maintenance costs, backups and IT involvement directly. And cloud options vary in the scope of the services they include. Basic cloud computing services typically let you rent server and storage space, but it's ultimately up to you to design and manage the use you make of those services. On the other hand, cloud application hosting services will typically include a much broader range of backend services. These services let you focus all your time on optimizing the business process system you are implementing. Take the time to understand where the costs are being incurred, and which ones you want to deal with directly.

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