Accelerate Digital Transformation at Your Water Utility

July 21, 2020

By Sean King


Business Insights with Data Visualization

Water utility managers are in a challenging situation. With increasing demand, tightening budgets, and aging infrastructure, it's no surprise that many within the industry are looking for new and innovative solutions to solve their problems.

Utility managers are realizing that a reliance on paper forms, spreadsheets, and legacy systems is standing in the way of more efficient water data management and cost reductions. In recent years, new software solutions have come to market that allows water utilities to replace and augment their existing infrastructure.

Many utilities are now embracing the ability to build and maintain their own custom applications using no-code toolsets. The emerging power of this technology allows managers to support work teams with digital applications that improve operational performance, ensure more accurate asset management, and enable smarter data-driven decisions. All without a heavy reliance on IT and significant investment in developing coded solutions and system integrations.

Flowfinity has recently published a white paper that guides water utility managers through the key considerations needed when searching for no-code toolsets to build a new water data management system.

The paper outlines important features to look for in a core data management system and how to align your legacy software and business processes to make the most of custom business apps.

A must-read for forward-thinking water utility managers, this white paper provides a crucial roadmap to current trends in digital transformation for the water and wastewater industry.

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