Leading Security Service Provider Advance Security Gains Competitive Advantage with Flowfinity Mobile Apps

Advance Security records and accesses critical security data from the field with Flowfinity

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 11, 2012 - Flowfinity Wireless Inc., a proven provider of enterprise mobile applications, today released a case study describing how Advance Security saves hours of administrative and management time every day, and has improved customer service by replacing paperwork with mobile apps.

Previously the security company used paper forms to record information in the field, which had to be re-keyed into spreadsheets at head office, causing delays and inaccuracies. Flowfinity was selected for its speed of transfer and the security of data on smartphones as well as overall functionality and flexibility. "At the time of investigation few companies provided a solution which satisfied our requirements," says Roderick Stamp, Senior Software Analyst, Advance Security.

The security company uses Flowfinity for real-time, in-the-field mobile interaction with their core systems at head office including scheduling, HR records, dispatch and control, client notifications, and regular site inspection reporting. With half a million Flowfinity form submissions per year, the security company has streamlined operations to save hundreds of employee hours every week.

Advance Security leverages smartphone features like GPS and photos to capture rich information. If a client alarm is triggered, GPS locations of guards in the area are identified and the closest available guard is dispatched to the site. Instructions to deactivate the alarm are sent to their mobile device and wiped when they leave, to ensure privacy of any confidential information.

"Flowfinity enables live, real-time, two-way instruction and information flow allowing field personnel to react to changing situations on the ground with a minimum of delay," says Stamp. "The way our IT system works together with Flowfinity has definitely given us a competitive advantage."

For more information, read the Advance Security Case Study.

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