Agricultural Technology Provider Industrial Ventilation Inc. Adopts Flowfinity for Paperless Field Operations

Newly released case study shows how enterprise mobile app solution streamlines processes, improves workforce management and increases productivity

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 6, 2014 - Flowfinity Wireless Inc., a proven provider of enterprise mobile apps, today released a new case study featuring Industrial Ventilation, Inc. (IVI). This leading crop storage technology provider successfully replaced paper-driven business processes with iPad employee apps to improve productivity and shorten invoicing cycles.

Prior to adopting Flowfinity, sales representatives and field service technicians at IVI were completing paperwork in the field and returning it to the office at the end of the week, when it was re-entered into various systems. The time between completing field activities and submitting the paperwork was leading to cash flow delays, difficulty managing inventory and unnecessary administrative overhead. IVI wanted real-time visibility of field staff activities, and more accurate and reliable records of services delivered.

As a technology provider, IVI had its own customer-facing apps for managing ventilation controls in storage units, but the company was lacking a mobile platform for creating and managing employee apps. The company selected Flowfinity for its flexibility to improve and mobilize its unique business processes. The programming-free architecture of Flowfinity made it possible to quickly deploy custom iPad apps and modify them as business requirements or environmental regulations changed.

Since adopting the platform, IVI has achieved shorter invoicing cycles, 20% more productivity in the office, and a valuable electronic audit trail of activities such as service calls and chemical applications to satisfy its customers' and government requirements.

"Keeping electronic records helps us prove what we did, and show that the records were not altered," said Jerry Bartels, CFO, Industrial Ventilation, Inc. "Flowfinity stood apart from other enterprise app solutions because it enabled us to custom design the app to do what we needed to do, and tailor it additionally to add more functionality or adapt to new regulations."

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