Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Wins Safety Award with Flowfinity Mobile Applications

VANCOUVER, BC, Mar. 21, 2017 - Flowfinity Wireless Inc. today announced that a system built with its enterprise mobile application software enabled Arkansas & Missouri Railroad (A&M) to achieve its objective of zero reportable injuries in 2016, only the second time in 30 years of operations. As a result, the company's Director of Safety, Ron Sparks, has won the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) 2017 Safety Professional of the Year award.

After noticing a customer efficiently perform inspections on iPads, A&M sought out to transform their existing safety training program with mobile technology. The management team envisioned a powerful information system that would distribute safety regulations, manage employee compliance with training requirements, and operate across mobile devices and desktop computers. Using Flowfinity's code-free approach, they brought this vision to life quickly and cost-effectively, and now have a custom mobile solution that meets all operational requirements for improving employee safety compliance.

Operational and regulatory safety requirements are always evolving, so it was critical for the mobile solution to be flexible enough to accommodate changing business requirements. Flowfinity programming-free software enables applications to be modified easily, and instantly published to all users.

Now, field staff can access the most up-to-date Railroad Rule Books directly on iPads to ensure they are following proper safety protocols in the field. The solution also enables better Federal Railroad Association (FRA) compliance.

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"Employee safety is our #1 priority, and Flowfinity enables us to provide comprehensive training and testing for rules awareness."

A&M selected Flowfinity's cloud deployment to get applications up and running quickly without having to install the software or manage the hardware themselves. All collected data is stored in a searchable database, allowing management to easily look up training material from all departments.

"Employee safety is our #1 priority, and Flowfinity enables us to provide comprehensive training and testing for rules awareness," said Sparks. "The FRA is very impressed with how we initiated a custom solution to enhance safety, and foresees mobile technology becoming the new industry standard."

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