New Flowfinity White Paper Reveals How Citizen Developers Help Meet Enterprise Mobility Demands

VANCOUVER, BC, May. 8, 2018 - Flowfinity Wireless Inc. today announced a new white paper that explores innovative approaches for organizations to meet the demand for mobility in the workplace. The white paper was developed for IT leaders to understand how to securely and efficiently extend app building capabilities to citizen developers.

Keeping up with enterprise mobility demands is becoming more difficult than ever. Pressure is now placed on IT departments for mobile applications that are not only deployed faster and more securely, but future-proof too. As a result, forward-thinking IT leaders are implementing new strategies that go against conventional thinking.

The white paper analyzes why successful strategies include decentralizing app development and involving citizen developers, who are individuals with no professional coding experience. It also provides tips on how to use personas to identify citizen developers, and explains why app development platforms such as no-code software can meet IT's security and functionality requirements. By using only approved tools, citizen developers can successfully build their own solutions within the bounds of IT policies.

"It is more important than ever for IT leaders to leverage citizen developers" said Larry Wilson, VP Sales & Marketing, Flowfinity. "This white paper provides a comprehensive look into how these empowered individuals can help IT streamline an important part of the application development requirement, and enable cost-effective and shorter development cycles."

To download the white paper "How Can IT Keep Up with Rising Enterprise Mobility Demands?", please visit

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