Flowfinity's new release elevates no-code application development and data visualization capabilities

VANCOUVER, BC, July 18, 2023 – Flowfinity Wireless Inc., an industry leading no-code application development platform, today released Flowfinity Actions 23.1 featuring enhancements to bring data visualization to another level and improvements to the application editor that provide a significant evolution for no-code application development and publishing.

Flowfinity is used by business analysts and process improvers to quickly design and deploy data collection and business process automation applications in the enterprise. Key improvements to help you deliver solutions that meet requirements include an updated app editor with the ability to validate application designs prior to publishing, ensuring quicker development cycles.

In addition, significant enhancements have been made to data visualizations in dashboards. New query and dynamic selection parameters offer more intuitive viewing options while new support for formula calculations within widgets allows for XY plots with logarithmic scale, helping users to visualize numbers of substantially different magnitude in scientific and engineering applications.

Step charts are also now available which allow you to easily visualize data that changes but remains static between the changes, which is useful for conditional monitoring of equipment status. You'll know precisely when a machine went offline or exceeded its optimal operating temperature and for how long.

For users that need access to multiple attachment files you can now download pictures and other binary files from a record as a ZIP archive, for example multiple images from a site inspection or detailed sets of instructions to perform repair work. Meanwhile you can now save and attach multiple files as a PDF to a record to simplify upload and reporting.

Flowfinity Actions 23.1 also introduces compatibility with Flowfinity Streams, a new way to collect, ingest and store high volume time series data, optimized for industrial IoT applications and updates to the M1 IoT Controller that provide a significant advance in IoT monitoring and control capability.

To learn more about how Flowfinity can help you digitize and automate your business processes, please visit: Flowfinity no-code platform.

About Flowfinity

Flowfinity is a no-code platform used to create, automate, and integrate custom business process applications. For over 20 years, Flowfinity has empowered business leaders and IT professionals to build flexible, scalable data collection apps and workflow automations without committing the resources required to write and maintain code.

Our intuitive platform combines a web-based app editor, SQL database, process automation robots, advanced data collection including IoT capability, interactive reporting dashboards, and reliable system integrations.

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