Visually assign and track work tasks with Flowfinity's new resource scheduler to optimize time management

VANCOUVER, BC, January 8, 2024 – Flowfinity Wireless Inc., an industry-leading platform for workflow automation and integration, is pleased to announce the release of Flowfinity Actions 23.2 featuring a new resource scheduler that allows you to visually manage the allocation of people, equipment, and facilities.

Flowfinity is a leader in the digitization and automation of business processes and is embraced by business managers and IT professionals to quickly design and deploy enterprise applications without the need for coding. Now you can easily configure a work resource scheduler to see with a glance at your dashboard when all your activities and resources are busy or available, and what they are assigned to so you can optimize resource use and improve operational efficiency.

A new stand-alone calendar view widget also allows you to display appointments by day, week, or month making it easier to plan activities and improve time management. You can easily synchronize your Flowfinity calendar with email and device calendars using iCal notifications. Add notifications to automated system-generated emails to create and update events and help teams collaborate more effectively.

Automated notifications can be emailed to customers or on-site staff when visits are made to create and update events and help teams collaborate more effectively. For example if you schedule a customer appointment the system can email them a calendar notification to track that appointment. This feature nicely compliments Flowfinity's existing automation and notification capabilities.

Integrations with external systems have been improved as well. You can now trigger record updates to external applications using REST callouts which provide better integration capabilities between Flowfinity Actions and a range of popular event flow tools. When you add or update a record an update event is triggered automatically from Actions, reducing the effort required to ensure all systems are synchronized with your central source of truth.

In addition, there have been improvements to time-series data visualizations and automated system notifications.

Flowfinity Actions 23.2 is also compatible with Flowfinity Streams, a new way to collect, ingest and store high volume time series data, optimized for industrial IoT applications.

To learn more about how Flowfinity can help you digitize and automate your business processes, please visit: Flowfinity no-code platform.

About Flowfinity

Flowfinity is a no-code platform that empowers the people closest to their real-work business processes to create, automate, and integrate custom applications. For over 20 years, Flowfinity has helped process improvers build flexible, scalable data management applications and workflow automations without committing the time and resources required to write and maintain custom code.

The intuitive platform combines a no-code application editor, SQL database, workflow automation tools, advanced human and IoT data collection, interactive operational dashboards, and reliable system integrations to help you streamline project delivery.

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