Flowfinity helps improve operational intelligence by eliminating data silos

Vancouver, BC, January 24 – Flowfinity, a leading provider of business process management and workflow automation solutions, today announced enhanced capabilities of its platform to integrate systems so clients can better manage data accessibility for operational intelligence and situational awareness.

In an era where the smooth flow of data is the lifeblood that drives business success, many organizations struggle with disconnected systems that cause procedural bottlenecks, incomplete reporting, and delays due to data silos.

Flowfinity's no-code platform addresses this challenge head-on, providing a seamless and efficient way to integrate various systems into one unified solution including 24/7 IoT monitoring. By connecting people, processes and things, users unlock the insights in their data to provide better situational awareness and quicker, better informed, operational decision-making.

Business users are empowered, regardless of their technical expertise, to create custom data management applications and visualizations that integrate with existing databases, ERP systems, BI tools, and more. Connections are facilitated through native SOAP and REST APIs, or via popular integration platforms including Zapier and Power Automate to ensure users have the functionality they need using the tools they are comfortable with. Automation is achieved using software robots to trigger tasks and escalations that perform operations on records or physical equipment once specific conditions are met.

"Our platform is designed to empower you to scale and modify your processes as business needs evolve,” said Alex Puttonen, Marketing Manager. "By removing the barriers of traditional coding, we make it possible for any business to digitize their operations and integrate their systems to gain a competitive edge through streamlined operations and IoT automation."

Now Flowfinity makes it easier than ever to connect core systems and stream data into one central source of truth for real-time visualization in operational dashboards, from both human and IoT machine data sources.

Flowfinity is committed to continuous innovation and dedicated support, ensuring their clients stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

To learn how savvy business leaders overcome integration challenges and tear down data silos contact Flowfinity experts for a complimentary consultation.

About Flowfinity

Flowfinity is a no-code platform that empowers the people closest to their real-work business processes to create, automate, and integrate custom applications. For over 20 years, Flowfinity has helped companies looking to improve internal processes access flexible, scalable data management applications and workflow automations without committing the resources required to write and maintain custom code.

The intuitive platform combines a no-code application editor, SQL database, workflow automation tools, advanced human and IoT data collection, interactive operational dashboards, and reliable system integrations to help you streamline your processes and achieve meaningful digital transformation.

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