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Reporting & Integration

"Now, I get an accurate picture of exactly how our products are presented to customers so we can do a trend analysis over time. Decision-making flows much easier up the ladder because I can present the numbers that will get peoples' attention. Ultimately that means we can influence consumers in a deeper and richer way."
  • Ed Bollinger
    Director of Retail Operations
    H.J. Heinz
"It was relatively simple to match up everything the retail business managers did with a paper audit to an electronic format using Flowfinity Actions. And when we added the reporting component so we could utilize the data collected from the audits, we knew we had something great."
  • Eric Ginsburg
    Foodservice Sales Information Manager
    H.J. Heinz
"The new reporting system is really fast. All of the audit data is submitted overnight, and can be reviewed by anyone in the sales department, up to daily if needed. Retail managers can download a report, highlight the issues, and disseminate that information to brokers."
  • Randy Sullins
    VP Trade Relations
    McCormick & Co., Inc.
"It's pretty difficult, and often costly to extend your ERP system to mobile devices, but Flowfinity's customizable platform bridged the gap between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and our ERP system – safely and responsibly. It's really the glue of the solution."
  • Tim Finley
    Team Leader, Gypsum Applications

Mobile Data Collection

"The ease of use really shows how Flowfinity designed the software with the end user in mind. Finding the stores at the beginning of the audit is simple and fast, and maneuvering around within the software is equally efficient... it allows us to close the loop on current issues, store by store."
  • Rob Santin
    Director of Sales
    McCormick & Co., Inc.
"I would say using Flowfinity Actions saves me about two hours per day by not having to key everything in to a computer at the end of a day. I am so much more organized with this solution that I can now complete more audits. Also, if I see that we are out of a product on the shelf, I can report it then and there."
  • David Mitchell
    Retail Business Manager
    H.J. Heinz
"Flowfinity allows our field reps to track in-store conditions, update our clients on retail execution faster, and spend more time on merchandising activities. This lets us deliver higher quality services, more efficiently."
  • Rob Bryant
    Food Marketing
"In comparison with the previous fully outsourced approach to collecting data, the cost of operating the national survey is now reduced considerably."
  • Greg Maloney
    Business Data and Reporting Director
    Bacardi U.S.A., Inc.

Field Team Management

"With all things being equal, we can dispatch a call and a customer can get a response time within two hours, if required. Before Flowfinity with all the manual processes, if we got there the same day that would be great. Our revenues are up 25%, profits are up, and we're doing more activity and closing more calls now. Overall Flowfinity has been a perfect fit for us."
  • Michael Edworthy
    Operations Manager
    Hank's Plumbing
"The Flowfinity scheduling calendar is an invaluable tool, allowing managers to maximize available manpower by adjusting the schedule as the days and weeks progress. Since using Flowfinity to schedule and track our Customer Service items, we have improved this critical area of our business, resulting in higher levels of overall customer satisfaction."
  • Ed Vandermeer
    VP of Customer Service
    Centra Windows
"Flowfinity Actions allows us to easily keep track of where crews are during the day and what they are working on. With better management of man hours, equipment hours, and materials handling, we're able to cut costs and improve our competitive position."
  • Tim Zapf
    Durable Markings Manager
    Lafrentz Road Marking
"The Flowfinity application for the Olympics was great as it was updated to everyone in real time. With the amount of last minute changes to attendees, locations and hosts, it provided us with a one-stop app for all of our hosting needs."
  • Leah Stack
    Account Executive
    Bell Mobility

Flowfinity Services

"Flowfinity worked with us to develop out the reporting side of the solution – to build various reports that collated the data gathered. It was highly customized to our business needs and cost-effective, which really is what makes this solution work for us."
  • Eric Ginsburg
    Foodservice Sales Information Manager
    H.J. Heinz
"Flowfinity and Centra have a good partnership. It's one of our core technologies and is key to us moving forward. Their service and support has been fantastic. Flowfinity allowed us to automate and move our proven business processes to a mobile, efficient system."
  • Garett Wall
    Centra Windows Ltd.
"Flowfinity is so customer-oriented. They helped me enormously during my learning curve because they want to make sure our product and their solution works."
  • David Frank
    IS Manager
    Prophit Management
"Flowfinity's support is amongst the best. I'm always amazed by the quick replies I get, despite the time of day or night."
  • Phil Russell
    IT Manager
    Nechako Northcoast

Sales Force Automation

"The data is more transparent from a sales rep's point of view. They receive a direct benefit from entering the information into their smartphone because the solution allows them to track their progress with a customer. They're better able to organize their selling activity around the likelihood of closing the sale."
  • Aaron Kullman
    Vice President and COO
    Sales Partnerships Inc.
"Using our new mobile solution gave us an important competitive advantage: we were able to double the sales calls number per day while also improving quality assurance responsiveness from a number of days to resolving issues in a matter of hours."
  • Jeff Tanner
    Director of Information Technology
    Laura's Lean Beef

Customer Service

"Our customers are so happy with how fast we turnaround data to them now. And our field technicians really like how efficient the Flowfinity solution made them and how much it's cut down on the frustrations of waiting on the phone and not being able to get through."
  • Monique Pellerin
    Operations Manager
"The Flowfinity application really gave Bell the edge we needed to ensure our customers had a positive experience. Being able to view all the various event details made it easy to make decisions on where we could add the most value."
  • Rick Jones
    Regional Manager of Sales
    Bell Mobility


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