Flowfinity Announces Update to Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Flowfinity's newest product release coming next month enhances its workforce management offering

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 31, 2012 - Flowfinity Wireless Inc., a proven provider of enterprise mobile applications, today announced the upcoming release of its latest product, Flowfinity Actions 7.0, which will strengthen its mobile workforce management offering. New features of the product are designed to enhance employee accountability and productivity, provide better insight into field operations, and improve customer service.

Online or offline GPS proximity look-up will allow field technicians to quickly find supplier locations and customer addresses. The feature could be used to improve employee accountability with more accurate reporting on employee locations. A new offline quick search feature enables efficient searches of offline data such as customer information, materials and work orders.

Field service organizations will have the ability to maintain separate apps or lists for materials, customers, timesheets, or other data and quickly transfer the data from one app to another. Copying multiple fields between forms will improve productivity with less data entry required for each form. Data entries can be validated for speed and accuracy, and inline help can be built directly into each form.

PDF attachments such as technical diagrams, instructions, or invoices can be viewed directly within the Flowfinity app. User interface improvements will offer more flexibility in extending the system into a branded customer portal for better customer service.

"The latest release of Flowfinity Actions delivers many benefits to field service organizations looking to improve their business through a mobile solution," says Larry Wilson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Flowfinity. "The new offline features are designed to improve employee productivity, which translates into lower costs and increased revenue. Our field service customers have consistently leveraged Flowfinity to improve the value of their service offering."

For more information about Flowfinity mobile workforce management, visit: www.flowfinity.com/solutions/field-service-management.aspx.

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Flowfinity provides a proven, fully customizable software solution for building enterprise mobile applications without programming. Since 2000, Flowfinity has helped leading companies across industries empower their mobile workforces by making it easy and fast to mobilize critical business processes on Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry tablets and smartphones. For more information, visit https://www.flowfinity.com.

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