City of Cincinnati Managed Flood Disaster Relief Efforts with Flowfinity Workflow Apps

Audio recording in mobile appsVANCOUVER, BC, Apr. 11, 2017 - Flowfinity Wireless Inc. today announced that its enterprise mobile application software enabled the City of Cincinnati to quickly put in place a mobile crisis management system during the historic 100-year storm in 2016.

Flowfinity's fast application development software allowed the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSDGC) division to react to the emergency situation and build the applications necessary to help its field service team manage the crisis. Over 2000 homes and businesses were affected by sewer system failures, resulting in major structural damages and loss of personal property. MSDGC immediately required multiple new business applications to triage service requirements, manage field staff activities, expedite third-party work orders, and assist claims reimbursement. The division also needed a user-friendly app interface because it would be used by various contractors that were outsourced to assist with sewer backups.

Application requirements were formulated in a division team brainstorming session. By the end of the session, they had a whiteboard design of the first emergency system they needed. MSDGC staff then built the full mobile, database application the same day. The system they built leveraged Flowfinity features to facilitate urgent service requests and aid customers in priority sequence. With better information available to prioritize operations, both internal and external field staff began the process of utilizing additional new Flowfinity mobile applications to perform inspections on-site, and record all mandatory information. The solution's offline capabilities enabled field technicians to efficiently work without delays, as power outages and extensive work in residential basements made it difficult to maintain consistent network coverage.

In use since 2012, MSDGC continues to achieve success with Flowfinity today. The flexible software is currently being used in day-to-day operations, helping the division coordinate and manage the activities of 150 field technicians to perform critical maintenance, construction, and customer support activities.

"Flowfinity stands out because it's a true workflow solution with incredible functionality," said Mike Pittinger, Superintendent, MSDGC. "With the easy-to-use app editor, we primarily have the operations team, not IT, go into the software to build apps or make updates. It's very intuitive, and gives us the power to adapt quickly to changing conditions and requirements."

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