Engineering firms accelerating growth by automating site inspection reporting, RMG achieves significant gains

VANCOUVER, BC, January 12, 2021 – Flowfinity Wireless Inc. today published a case study demonstrating how Rocky Mountain Group (RMG) achieved significant gains in operational efficiency by automating engineering site inspection workflows using custom applications configured rapidly without code.

IT leaders at the Colorado based engineering, architectural and construction materials testing firm chose the Flowfinity no code platform to digitize field data collection and integrate with custom reporting applications using a central SQL server. Through these innovations senior managers are now able to make decisions faster and with greater confidence in the accuracy of their information.

"I'm happy to say that my experience getting acquainted with Flowfinity was very positive and relatively easy," says Jeffrey Lubbers, IT Support Technician, Rocky Mountain Group. "It took about 2-3 forms to really see how most of the layout functionality and validation works. A few forms later and the relationship between how states can interact with the views really becomes apparent."

Within a short time, RMG created, integrated and automated custom site inspection applications that replaced existing manual processes with an effective digital data management solution that greatly reduced reporting delays and errors.

With their previous processes, on site inspectors would fill out paper forms at construction sites and return them to the office at the end of the day. Engineers and office staff would have to sort through all that paperwork on a regular basis. That process took a significant amount of time and effort, especially if there were missing or incomplete reports.

Now RMG has a continuous digital workflow that isn't dependent on having a physical transaction. Managers regularly receive and review reports to keep track of project progress which assist in decision making and reduce the potential for costly errors.

The site inspection data captured in Flowfinity is integrated with RMG’s internal project management software and is available within 10 minutes of being submitted in the field.

"One of things that I'm most impressed with is the stability of the Flowfinity system. Once setup for our field techs, it is a set it and forget it situation, the darn thing just keeps on running!" says Jeffery Lubbers, Rocky Mountain Group. "It's a unique tool, it's really reliable. Offline data is another major plus."

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