Flowfinity Announces That Flowfinity Products Are Available For the HTC HD2 Smartphone

April 07, 2010
Vancouver, BC

Flowfinity® Wireless Inc., a leading provider and enabler of adaptable smartphone business applications, today announces support for the HTC HD2 Windows Mobile smartphone exclusively available from T-Mobile in the United States.

Flowfinity - who last fall announced the availability of all of its products for a wide range of Windows Mobile smartphones- is keeping the promise to make its applications available on any smartphone. Thus, Flowfinity Forms, a mobile data collection application, Flowfinity Actions, a mobile workflow application, and Flowfinity Audits, the world's first packaged end-to-end solution for rapidly performing retail shelf surveys, are now available on the latest Windows Mobile smartphone, the HTC HD2, available from T-Mobile.

Business users will enjoy the smartphone's ultra fast 1 Ghz processor and the 4.3 inches touch screen. This strong and effective smartphone, combined with Flowfinity products, is a powerful combination for business users seeking to increase responsiveness and productivity. Flowfinity users will be able to take advantage of the smartphone's GPS feature and the 5 megapixel autofocus camera to capture the context of business transactions. By leveraging the smartphone's features, Flowfinity offers the most efficient data collection, excellent for compliance inspections and other mission critical activities.

“We are excited about the HTC HD2 smartphone,” said Larry Wilson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Flowfinity Wireless. “While our customers will be able to use a very fast and powerful processor to perform mobile business tasks quickly on their smartphone, they will also enjoy a nice user interface on a very large screen."

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