Flowfinity Optimizes Touch Screen plus Keyboard Support for the BlackBerry Torch™ 9800 Slider smartphone

Flowfinity Announces That Flowfinity Products and Solutions Support the BlackBerry Torch™ 9800 Slider smartphone

September 16, 2010
Vancouver, BC

Flowfinity® Wireless Inc., a leading provider and enabler of adaptable smartphone business applications, today announces support for the BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 Slider smartphone. Flowfinity has leveraged smartphones to provide mobile businesses with easy-to-use, yet flexible and powerful, wireless solutions for almost 10 years. Today, support for the Torch smartphone is an obvious next step in this ongoing commitment to serious mobile business users.

While the Torch is the first BlackBerry smartphone to combine a touch screen and a physical keyboard, Flowfinity prides itself to have perfected its technology -with proven results- to work equally well with both. Depending on the type of data being input, a user may find it more convenient to use the touch screen or the physical keyboard. For example, checklists can be completed quickly by touching with fingers, while entering detailed notes would be easier with a keyboard. Flowfinity has optimized the entry screens for touch, and when the keyboard slides out, these same entry screens are ready for typing.

For customers of Flowfinity's products, this new device provides the right mix of features that Enterprise customers need: security, integrated communications, long battery life, and a choice between a touch screen and a physical keyboard. As well, Flowfinity's products can make use of GPS for location entry and the camera for visual recording.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the best user experience and capabilities that are possible with the latest market-leading smartphones," said Larry Wilson, VP Sales & Marketing at Flowfinity Wireless Inc. “So we are proud to support the BlackBerry Torch 9800."

With Flowfinity forms-based solutions, users of the BlackBerry Torch can easily and quickly create, deploy, and use forms on the smartphone, making it practical to collect data, conduct surveys, accept orders or track activities.

Flowfinity solutions for the BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 Slider smartphone will be available on September 24, 2010, when the BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 Slider smartphone will be available in Canada from Bell, Telus, and Rogers carriers, and in the US from AT&T.

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