Talent Development Studio Streamlines Daily Operations with Flowfinity

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Company Size: SMB
Sector: Entertainment
Function: CRM, Timesheets, Approvals, Payment and Expense Tracking

The Challenge

As a busy talent development studio and music school, Studio Cloud 30 Entertainment has a lot of information to keep track of. Client requests, scheduling, payments, and concert planning are just a few tasks that the studio manages on a daily basis. The company was using paper, spreadsheets and emails to manage daily operations, but when the business grew, they found that this approach was not scalable.

"Studio Cloud 30 experienced rapid growth last year, and a lot of the manual processes that were being used quickly became unmanageable," said Emmalee Watts, Office Manager, Studio Cloud 30. "We had day-to-day information stored in spreadsheets, which made it difficult for staff to share or keep track of information."

"Looking for  information like client attendance or payment records was inefficient," said Marlene Flandez, Office Administrator. "Getting the instructors to submit their invoices on time was also a challenge, given the amount of time and effort required to recount their activities and hours."

Studio Cloud 30 looked for a software solution that would better position the company for growth while increasing productivity in the office. "We wanted a solution that would help us keep better track of day-to-day operations and improve the efficiency of administrative tasks," said Watts. "Flowfinity was the only solution we found that could be customized to reflect our business processes."

Studio Cloud 30 selected Flowfinity software for its flexibility, and ability to provide seamless access to company information on smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers.

testimonial - Studio Cloud 30

"We evaluated a number of software products, but found that Flowfinity was the most customizable."

The Solution

Studio Cloud 30 Mobile CRM Studio Cloud 30 now uses Flowfinity to manage their client database and keep an accurate, searchable record of daily activities and payments. Flowfinity provided a fully customizable software solution for streamlining workflows, approvals, and access to business information.

"We evaluated a number of software products, but found that Flowfinity was the most customizable," said Watts. "Overall I would say Flowfinity has allowed us to reduce our administrative workload and increase productivity by 20%."

Client Database/CRM

Flowfinity has enabled Studio Cloud 30 to implement a client database that can be updated and accessed from smartphones, tablets, or a web portal. Contact information, enrolment information, and client history are now all organized and up-to-date.

"Flowfinity allows us to keep searchable, sortable records of client information in the cloud," said Flandez. "We were able to customize our CRM system to store the information that's important to us such as enrolment dates and rates. Having our information organized makes it easier to train people as well."

The ability to quickly access client information allows Studio Cloud 30 to provide better customer service. "Now if a client asks when their package will expire or the date they first started we can find that information within seconds," said Flandez.

The use of mobile sign-up forms has also reduced paperwork and data entry.

"When a new client comes in, they can fill in their information directly on an iPad. We no longer have to spend time re-typing their signup sheet information. It also helps to maintain more complete records because we use mandatory fields in the iPad form," said Watts.


Using Flowfinity software, Studio Cloud 30 created a payment tracking system that reflects their unique requirements such as pricing models and accepted payment methods. Payments can be entered from the web or a mobile device and exported for integration with accounting software.

"Having an easy-to-use system that tracks all payments received makes bookkeeping much more efficient," said Watts. "It's so convenient to be able to record payments on our smartphones or tablets, which allows us to spend more time with clients face-to-face rather than behind our desks."

testimonial - Studio Cloud 30

"Overall I would say Flowfinity has allowed us to reduce our administrative workload and increase productivity by 20%."


Studio Cloud 30 offers clients flexible pricing structures with a variety of service rates. Rate information is now stored in the client database and accessed from a Flowfinity timesheet app, which instructors use to keep track of billable hours. This simplifies invoicing the studio at the end of each month by the instructors, as they access their timesheet records directly within Flowfinity or export them to a CSV file.

"Flowfinity timesheets help the instructors stay on track with their invoicing, which is a great benefit to accounting," said Watts. "Because they can quickly fill out the information after every lesson, this task gets completed with much less effort."

"Before, I would typically wait until the end of the month to create an invoice for the studio, and it would take quite a bit of time to add up my billable hours and rates. Now, for every client appointment, I can simply pull out my iPhone and within a few seconds enter that information in an electronic timesheet," said Karolyn Volbek, Creative Director, Studio Cloud 30

Scheduling Approvals

Flowfinity has extensive workflow and approval functionality, which Studio Cloud 30 has leveraged to manage cancellations and make-up appointments. When a client cancels a lesson, the information is logged in Flowfinity, which triggers an automatic email notification to the instructor.

The instructor then approves or rejects a make-up appointment within the system, which greatly simplifies this workflow. "Instead of handling cancellations and reschedule requests by email, we can keep track of it all in Flowfinity, and the software emails the instructor automatically," said Watts. “ Having access to this information has helped us stay more organized and provide more effective customer service."

Expense Tracking

Flowfinity is also used for mobile expense tracking, which allows information about expenses to be entered on the go. A photo or scan of the expense receipt can be uploaded directly into the mobile expense form for a complete record that simplifies accounting.


With Flowfinity software, Studio Cloud 30 has achieved the following results:

  • 20% higher productivity in the office
  • Better customer service
  • Reduced data entry
  • Easier and more accurate expense tracking
  • Streamlined approvals
  • Scalable company growth


We evaluated a number of software products, but found that Flowfinity was the most customizable. Overall I would say Flowfinity has allowed us to reduce our administrative workload and increase productivity by 20%.

Emmalee Watts

Office Manager

Studio Cloud 30

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