Unleash innovation to transform your business and achieve lasting competitive advantage with the Flowfinity no-code platform

Inspire innovation for competitive advantage

Empower business units to build apps and democratize innovation to benefit from collective knowledge.

Respond effectively
to rapid change

Address operational issues in real-time and deploy new apps proactively to stay resilient in the face of constant change.

Reimagine business processes to drive ROI

Streamline operations with digital workflows and discover new revenue streams that transform your business.

Achieve competitive advantage through innovation

Organizations that silo application development within IT and restrict input into the design of business processes could easily be left behind as more nimble competitors create apps that deliver operational efficiencies and delightful user experiences.

Now business leaders are empowered with no-code development tools that let you engage the collective expertise of your organization to deliver solutions perfectly suited to your unique challenges.

By allowing business units to build the applications they need collaboratively, you democratize innovation so you can go to market faster with reduced IT costs and establish a lasting competitive advantage.

testimonial - Centra Windows Inc"Flowfinity software continuously helps us find and eliminate inefficiencies in our business processes, and we are now automating them to further reduce costs. We're radically changing our business, and increasing our competitive advantage."

- KBA Engineering

Remain resilient in the face of constant change

To boost productivity and foster growth business leaders need real-time insights into operations and must also have the flexibility to respond quickly to shifts in the broader competitive landscape as constant change becomes the new normal.

The Flowfinity platform includes interactive dashboards that provide the performance indicators you need to make informed operational decisions at a glance and will save you considerable time and effort when generating reports.

The ability to deploy new applications in rapid development cycles and publish instantly throughout the enterprise ensures you are well prepared to adapt quickly to crisis situations or rapid changes in the business or regulatory environment.

testimonial - Centra Windows Inc"Real-time dashboards have leaped our productivity to extraordinary levels. Our staff are performing higher quality work because they now have a tool that tracks and supports their daily accomplishments."

- Metro Mobile Electronics

Drive ROI with reengineered business processes

A significant risk to maximizing organizational potential is the failure to rejuvenate your processes to take advantage of newly emergent digital technologies that can deliver real impacts on productivity and the bottom line.

Successful leaders foster cultures where operations are continually revised for improved efficiency and resilience. Flowfinity allows you to quickly model, test and deploy new business process applications and workflows to validate and enact plans for digital transformation quickly and with minimal disruption.

Take advantage of an enterprise-grade toolset that provides proven ROI by empowering teams throughout your organization to create workflow solutions that dramatically improve internal processes with best-in-class mobile data collection, automations, integrations, reporting, and more.

testimonial - Centra Windows Inc"Our day-to-day operations have been drastically simplified because of Flowfinity's mobile apps. Our business processes are more efficient, and our captured field information is centralized and automated, making our workflows run very smoothly."

- American Beverage Marketers

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