Streamline Environmental Project Data Management

Standardize and automate environmental data collection and reporting with custom applications.

Accelerate project delivery, eliminate costly data collection errors, and remove reporting bottlenecks by replacing dated forms and legacy systems with custom applications you can configure quickly for any project without code.

Improve insight into field operations and automate reporting by digitizing data collection and leveraging a centralized database with interactive dashboards that provide real-time access to your vital project metrics and information.

  • Improve operational insights
  • Ensure accurate data collection
  • Automate stakeholder reporting
  • Visualize in interactive GIS maps
  • Integrate with core systems and IoT
  • Innovate solutions without code

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field data and operations

Improve insight into field data and operations

Review field data in real-time from a central database and increase visibility into operations through dashboard visualizations with interactive maps. View project data anytime, anywhere on the web or any mobile device. Mobile apps work offline in remote areas.

Flowfinity apps on devices

Ensure accurate field data collection at the source

Prevent costly errors by creating step-by-step data collection workflows with on-device calculations, conditional skip logic, entry validation rules, and mandatory fields. Stop performing tedious data re-entry tasks using dated forms and spreadsheets and gain back hours each day to focus on the science.

better client experince

Automate reporting for a better client experience

Provide access on-demand to your applications and reporting dashboards, empowering clients to request services and view reports through a dedicated customer portal. Automate workflows to generate PDF reports and send to key stakeholders, reducing the need for meetings while increasing transparency.

testimonial - Clark Regional Wastewater

Flowfinity has made communication a lot easier. Field data is available to project managers ASAP making reporting and related tasks more efficient, we're saving an average of 2 hours a day in reporting time."
- Environmental Scientist, Hemmera (Ausenco)

GIS maps

Visualize your geospatial data with integrated GIS maps

Display your geospatial data, map features and attributes withinin Flowfinity dashboards, providing the ability to launch workflows, edit records and perform analysis within one core data management system. High precision GPS capabilities are compatible with Esri ArcGIS and leading GIS platforms.

project risk

Minimize project risk with unified systems

Flowfinity's no-code platform lets you quickly build your ideal solution suited to any environmental use case. Integrate with your core sytems or deploy IoT sensors to create end-to-end processes bridging the digital and physical worlds that help your projects flow smoothly.


Gain competitive advantage by innovating with no-code

Empower business analysts and project managers to innovate solutions that boost productivity and improve team collaboration. Move agile iterations quickly from concept to reality while reducing demand on IT resouces and freeing your highly skilled staff to focus on their areas of expertise and value creation.

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