Streamline Environmental Field Data Management

Create and deploy custom applications to standardize field data collection
and simplify compliance reporting.

Reduce costs, improve insight and minimize project risk

Ensure your records are accurate at the source with entry validation rules and easily accessible in a central database. Connect structured data with basemaps from popular GIS solutions and plot exact location coordinates with high-precision GNSS.

Turn observations into actionable intelligence and move projects smoothly from the field to final report. Configure applications for:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Compliance reporting
  • Site assessment and remediation
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Asset management
  • Worksite safety
  • Civic engineering
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Seismic surveys
  • Ground and wastewater
  • Soil sampling
  • Social impact assessments

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Environmental Field Data Management

Reduce costly data recording errors

Prevent costly errors and omissions by creating digital workflows with on-device calculations, conditional skip logic, entry validation rules and mandatory fields. Stop performing tedious data re-entry tasks using paper forms and spreadsheets and give your team back hours of time!

Mobile apps even work offline in remote or restricted areas. Choose from over 30 advanced data collection form field types:

  • High precision 3D GNSS locations
  • Photos with sketch
  • Signature capture
  • Audio recordings
  • Barcode scans
  • Nested fields
  • User and role lookups
  • Timespan, timestamp and dates
  • Text, numeric, email, attachments
  • Advanced calculations and formulas

Maul Foster & Alongi found that through digitization they capture accurate data in a fraction of the time required before adopting Flowfinity while reports that used to take weeks to finalize are ready in days.

Improve insight into field operations

Gain instant access to field data from a central database and real-time visibility into operations through detailed dashboard data visualizations and interactive maps that drive actionable insights. View project data anytime, anywhere on the web and mobile devices.

Environmental Field Data Management

Control access to sensitive information with role based user permissions and email automated PDF report summaries to key stakeholders, reducing the need for meetings.

  • Launch actions directly from dashboard widget charts and maps
  • Highlight KPI's and sampling thresholds
  • Generate email notifications to improve communication
  • Automate the creation and distribution of PDF summary reports
  • GPS locations, timespan, dates
  • Plus more

Flowfinity also allows you to render geospatial data onto custom maps hosted in dashboard widgets, providing GIS analysis capabilities without leaving your core data management system.

Compatible with Esri, Mapbox and MapTiler basemaps.

Environmental Field Data Management

Hemmera, an Ausenco Company, used Flowfinity to streamline data management and reporting, greatly improving organizational communication and efficiency.

Minimize project risk with unified systems

Flowfinity's no-code platform lets you quickly build your ideal solution suited to your needs. Integrate your database with GIS, ERP, or CRM software to create end-to-end processes that will help your projects flow smoothly to completion.

Environmental Field Data Management

Increased efficiency and improved access to information frees time and empowers teams to make smarter decisions in urgent situations.

  • Integrate using popular tools Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier
  • Connect using REST or SOAP API architecture
  • Create a unified system with GIS, ERP or CRM
  • Deploy securely in the cloud or on-premises

Clark Regional Wastewater integrated field data collection with an Esri based GIS solution to complete successful digital transformation project with 160% ROI.

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