American Beverage Marketers Named a Finalist for CGT Business & Technology Awards

Consumer Goods TechnologyFlowfinity customer American Beverage Marketers is a finalist for CGT Magazine's Customer Management Award for leveraging mobile technology to improve retail execution and manage client relationships. Read More

Enterprise Mobile Deployment: 8 Tips to Finding the Right Fit

Enterprise Mobile DeploymentWith endless options available, choosing the right enterprise mobile deployment can be overwhelming. Here are 8 helpful tips on what to look for and what to ask. Read More

Grasp the Full Picture: Improve Field Data Clarity with Photo Annotations

Improve Field Data ClarityCapturing images is a convenient way to share business information. With mobile apps, you can annotate photos to highlight the important details and communicate the full story. Read More

6 Ways Insurance Firms Gain a Competitive Edge with Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Insurance FirmsInsurance companies process a never-ending list of claims everyday. Find out 6 ways mobile technology improves efficiency, simplifying your claims and reporting activities. Read More

A Better Look into the Field: Quickly Spot Issues with Color-Coded Data

Color-Coded DataFocusing your attention into the field doesn't have to be tough. Mobile apps with color-coding help you spot issues in your field data, and take immediate action. Read More

5 Ways Mobile Apps Enhance Engineering Field Operations

Mobile Apps for Engineering Field Operations Engineers understand the importance of collecting data in the field and the accuracy that comes with it. With mobile forms, capturing that data can be effortless. Read More

Smart vs. Simple Mobile Forms

Smart Mobile Forms Simple mobile forms can help you replace paper, but they only solve part of the problem. Smart mobile forms can truly help you take your business processes mobile. Read More

From the Field to Your Inbox: Save Time with PDF Email Reports

field data collection mobile formConnecting your field staff to the office has never been easier. Mobile technology lets you send PDF email reports to streamline field data, connecting field staff to the office. Here's how.
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Flowfinity Introduces Interactive Dashboards

interactive dashboards for mobile appsWe now offer custom dashboards, an exciting new tool for combining enterprise mobile app data with actionable business insights. Find out more about our newest offering.
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The Evolution of Smartphones: 12 Key Highlights

evolution of smartphones From checking the weather to running a business, smartphones have changed the way we live our lives. Find out 12 key highlights in the evolution of smartphones from the 1990's to today.
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Flowfinity Enterprise App Software Updated with Features for End-to-End Business Process Management

Flowfinity Heat Maps Flowfinity has been updated with some great new features, including data visualization, advanced formula editing, international language support and more. Find out more about our latest release. Read More

Fighting Hunger with Mobile Apps

Field Service Mobility Find out how Second Harvest and Flowfinity partnered to optimize food rescue services with mobile technology. Read More

5 Field Service Mobility Lessons from Louisiana's Largest Private Wastewater Company

Field Service Mobility Lessons Find out five things you need to know when taking your field service business to the next level with mobile apps for field technicians. Read More

How Cincinnati Leverages ArcGIS and Flowfinity Workflow Apps to Streamline Field Service

Cincinnati Leverages ArcGIS The City of Cincinnati's Wastewater Collection Division has over 100 field technicians who use Flowfinity apps to record jobs, follow step-by-step workflows, and access GIS maps seamlessly on mobile devices. Read More

Field Technologies Magazine Features Nechako Northcoast Construction's Use of Flowfinity for Field Service

Nechako Northcoast Construction's Use of Flowfinity for Field Service Nechacko, a road construction and maintenance company that uses Flowfinity mobile apps to manage the activities of its crews and keep track of work performed in the field, was recently featured in Field Technologies. Read More

7 Ways Mobile Forms Can Help Improve Environmental Compliance

Climate Change Environmental regulations are increasing, and it's more important than ever for businesses to stay compliant. Find out 7 ways to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of environmental compliance. Read More

Kellogg's Named a Finalist for CGT 2015 Business and Technology Awards

Consumer Goods Technology Kellogg's is a finalist for CGT Magazine's prestigious 2015 Customer Management Award for effectively using Flowfinity mobile technology to manage field sales activities and retail execution. Read More

How to Increase Retail Sales and Optimize Performance at the Shelf

mobile apps Research shows that 60% of fast-moving consumer goods sales can be influenced at the store level. Find out how mobile technology can help you gain visibility in stores where consumers make their buying decisions. Read More

Flowfinity Launches Knowledge Base

mobile apps Flowfinity's new Knowledge Base covers topics that help business users build enterprise-class mobile forms and workflow apps without programming. Read More

Hemmera Presents Flowfinity Mobile Data Collection with ArcGIS at ESRI User Conference

mobile apps Environmental consulting firm Hemmera explains how Flowfinity apps can work with ArcGIS to support sophisticated field data collection and mapping on mobile devices. Read More

How to Build and Maintain Successful Business to Employee Apps

mobile apps Too often, business to employee app projects run over time and way over budget, but there are ways to safeguard against these issues. Learn some strategies to ensure your B2E app project succeeds. Read More

How Mobile Forms and PDF Generation Can Transform Your Business

mobile forms and pdf generation Flowfinity recently introduced a simple but powerful feature that lets you go from mobile device to PDF for any mobile form that you create. Read More

10 Ways Employee Apps Can Double Data Collection Efficiency

Mobile Enterprise App development When it comes to productivity in the enterprise, employee apps are the future. Find out 10 ways a real company more than doubled efficiency. Read More

10 In-Store Insights That Drive Sales for Consumer Goods Companies

Mobile Enterprise App development A mobile solution can help you optimize retail execution and beat out the competition. Find out 10 insights mobile apps can uncover about in-store conditions. Read More

Mobile Apps Deliver Value at Ford Lincoln Auto Shows

Mobile Enterprise App development Flowfinity mobile apps and Latitude software deliver more efficient and accurate event data collection at Ford Lincoln auto shows. Read More

Field Technologies Magazine Features Flowfinity Solutions and Environmental Consultancy Hemmera

Mobile Enterprise App development Hemmera replaced paper and spreadsheets in the field with a flexible data collection and workflow mobile solution from Flowfinity. The case study was featured in Field Technologies Magazine. Read More