Flowfinity Announces iPad and iPhone Solution For Rapidly Performing Retail Shelf Surveys For Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Flowfinity Audits Enables Fast, Cost Effective Retail Performance Management Without Inefficient Spreadsheet Processes

June 2, 2010
Vancouver, BC

Flowfinity® Wireless Inc., a leading provider and enabler of adaptable smartphone business applications, today announces a version of Flowfinity Audits for the iPad and iPhone. Flowfinity is committed to a growing number of smartphone platforms providing Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies with a wide range of choices of mobile solutions for performing retail audits.

What could be faster and more convenient than using the iPad's large touch-screen to enter survey or audit information right in front of a retail store shelf?

Flowfinity Audits is an out-of-the box retail audit solution with powerful built-in reporting functionality. It is designed to replace traditional clipboards and spreadsheets with electronic surveys that deliver key performance indicators (KPI) on products and competition instantly to management following routine retail audits. The iPad represents a form factor that naturally replaces clipboards, and the Flowfinity Audits software is far more efficient for data entry and data aggregation than using a spreadsheet.

The newly announced iPhone and iPad support is currently available for existing Flowfinity customers, and promotions for new customers will begin shortly with carrier and integration partners.

A retail audit solution from Flowfinity enables better insight and decision making for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies while reducing costs and improving productivity. Flowfinity Audits is an award-winning solution with a proven track record. Two well documented case studies have shown compelling ROI for Fortune 500 Food and Beverages companies, published at: www.flowfinity.com/customers

"We've been providing retail audit solutions on smartphones for many years now, and customers have always told us that they needed a larger screen for the types of data they need to enter", said Larry Wilson, VP Sales & Marketing at Flowfinity Wireless Inc. "Using a Flowfinity Audits on an iPad makes it very comfortable for a retail auditor to go around the shelves to collect information: it offers a lot more flexibility than transporting a laptop, but with a larger screen than a smartphone, it makes it more comfortable to read and enter the information. What it is, really, is an electronic clipboard."

Flowfinity Audits is easy to deploy, customize, and update, and does not require programming or expensive IT projects to implement. To view more details on retail audit solutions: www.flowfinity.com/solutions.

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